Thursday, November 4, 2010


We are already down to 11 players left in the game after Alina got sent home as expected. So lets once again rank the remaining players based on likeliehood of winning.

1. Sash: The guy seems to be the one in control right now and he has made strong bonds with Brenda, NaOnka, and now even Marty. Making good on his promise to Marty could help him later on if he makes the end of the game so I can see why he did it but leaving such a dangerous foe around could hurt him as we move on. Still no one seems to be gunning for him and he is showing a mind for the game.

2. Brenda: I am going to keep Brenda at number two due to her tight pact with Sash but he has already made it known that NaOnka is his main girl to take to the end. Since three go to the finish, there is room for Brenda and I expect that to be the firm plan in his mind but I think her path could be more rocky than his due to her past fights with Marty.

3. Benry: His comments about Alina were the first time in the series that I thought less of the guy who to this point has played a great game. Again no one seems to be paying attention to him which bodes well for his survival deep into the game. He seems almost too good to be true to this point so maybe an eruption is coming soon.

4. Chase: Like Benry, Chase has been playing a low profile game for such a strong guy. Marty and Dan are leery of him now but he doesnt seem to be in any sort of trouble. Look for him to start picking up individual immunity these next few weeks and be a factor all the way through.

5. Marty: Despite losing his best ally in Jill and not having the idol anymore, I still cant bring myself to downgrade Marty much more than this. The guy is very cunning and always seems to have a plan in place. Yes he has gotten lucky the last few weeks in avoiding elimination but a little bit of luck is always needed to win.

6. Jane: I am putting Jane right behind Marty due to the fact that I think they both are in similar predicaments. Both have been targeted by the others and both have gone at each other pretty good. She might have put the focus on her a bit by winning immunity and no doubt she wasnt helped by Marty's speech to the others about her ability to win, but I dont see the others really worried about her yet.

7. Holly: Holly keeps moving up the rankings as she seems to have completed her Survivor comeback. She no longer has people gunning for her and she has made nice inroads with the younger people. She also seems tough and feisty enough to get where she wants to go. Dont forget about her.

8. Purple Kelly: She continues her hiding in the bushes game and thats really all that can be said about her. She is just there. Thats pretty much it.

9. Fabio: Despite winning immunity and hanging around, can you really see a jury giving this guy a million dollars? Sorry I just dont see it.

10. NaOnka: Yes she might get to the end of the game but this is a ranking of who has the best chance to win and not who gets to the finale. She really has zero chance to win after her latest stunt of stealing the food and she is nothing more than a prop right now to take to the end of the game as a person that everyone thinks they can beat.

11. Dan: In hindsight I should have put Dan above NaOnka. The guy is still here which is crazy but he looks like he will stay for awhile due to the no respect factor. In other words the others dont fear him at all and he has no strategic game to think of. Actually if you think about it, Dan would be the next logical person to bring to the end of the game with NaOnka due to the fact he has already expressed how he doesnt need the money and how he wouldnt have earned his way through. Just a thought.

What do you think of the latest rankings? Lets start a debate.

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