Monday, November 1, 2010

Carrie Prejean, Kimbo Slice Not On S22 After All?

All right as most of you know, I have not allowed spoilers to be posted on here since I began the site but I bent that rule some in discussing the upcoming Survivor 22 Boston Rob VS. Russell Hantz season due to the volume of inquieries I have gotten on what went on with that season. So I proceeded to post spoilers that were originally let out by the super sleuth "missaye" who was the one who spoiled S 19 and Heroes VS Villians and was pretty much dead on. So I thought this was a good source to go with and so he/she reported that both mixed martial arts guru Kimbo Slice and former Miss California Carrie Prejean would be on the Rob VS Russell season. Well after going with this for weeks, missaye posted yesterday that these news bits are in fact FALSE and either he/she posted them to mislead everyone or that the person he/she gets their info from was wrong. Either way it seems we back to square one with this and thus its still possible Rob and Russell have immunity to the merge after all. What a mess.

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  1. Well that's a relief, it would have been too inappropriate to have many celebrities on one season, outside of all star seasons.

    But Survivor has done well by having occasion celebrities who turned out to be big fans of the show, like Jimmy Johnson, and Gary Hogeboom.