Wednesday, January 5, 2011


All right so after a lot of false leads and innuendo, things are starting to get into focus as far as the look and identify of the tribes for Redemption Island. This is what we have now with a big help from True Dork Times.

Tribe 1
Rob Mariano-We All Know Him!!!!!
Andre Boehlke-21, college student
Ashley Underwood-25, pageant queen, school nurse
Francesca Hogi-38, attorney
Grant Mattos-28, ex-NFL player, yoga instructor
Matt Elrod-21, college student
Natalie Tenerelli-19, dancer
Philip Sheppard-52, actor, former army
Kristina-40's, mom, former actress

Tribe 2
Russell Hantz-The Asshole!
David Murphy-30, attorney
Krista Klumpp-25, sales
Mike Chisel-31, realtor, ex-Marine
Ralph Kiser-45, farmer, hunting guide
Sarita White-30's, producer
Stephaninie Valencia-25, model, actress
Steve????-40's-50's, former NFL player

Wow lots to digets here. First off there are a few names we need more info on such as Steve and Julie. Also we have 18 players and not 20 this season which is interesting.

We have Rob and Russell who we can safely say were out there but no Johnny Chan who was the last remaining quasi-celebrity who was possibly in the game.

I wonder if there will be a challenge between David Murphy and Francesca Hogi where they do a mock trial and whoever gave the more convincing case wins immunity David Mufor their group.

Once again a great deal of the cast looks like they stepped out of modeling school which further cements the trend of Survivor producers using the casting calls to bring people in based on appearance and not their game skills. You know how I feel about this.

Also that dude David Murphy looks really mean. I bet you he joins up with Russell in an ultimate Evil Allaince. You just know someone is going to be kissing his ass big time here.

So there you have it. Nothing earth shattering here. Looking forward to seeing Ashley Underwood who clearly is the hottest chick in this cast. Should be good.

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