Thursday, March 31, 2011


So Sarita goes to Redemption Island to face Matt for the immediate chance to get back into the game. Zapatera is hurting, Rob is dominating, and Phillip is still nutty. Lets see how the remaining players stack up as far as chances of winning.

1. Boston Rob: Still has the idol which he likely will have to use this week. This is a key episode for Rob if he wants to win the game. He needs to come out of this threat with the numbers on his side and if he doesnt, than he is delaying the inevitable as far as him being ousted.

2. Natalie: Same deal as last week. And the week before. Rob's golden girl.

3. Grant: Grant is the man when it comes to challenges and he has a chance to make some noise when the immunity becomes individual. I can see a scenario though where Grant gets targeted if word gets out that Rob has the idol. Rob gets duped into playing it and Grant goes.

4. Matt: I am going on the premise that Matt gets back in the game since there is next to no chance Sarita beats him in the challenge. Matt thus goes right to the upper levels of the rankings and he surely has earned a ton of cred for winning all those duels. He is also very well liked which Rob correctly saw as a threat. Another battle between the two could be in the offing. Instead of Rob VS. Russell we have Rob VS. Matt.

5. Mike: He is still solid as far as likeability. However he easily could be the one Rob targets when the merge arrives. He makes the perfect tough guy to go after. If he survives that than the sky is the limit.

6. Ralph: Got to keep Ralph up there with the idol in his pocket. He is such a dumbass though that I cant see anyone really giving him the money.

7. Julie: Staying on the darkhorse winnner with her. You go!

8. David: David is going to make things very interesting in the next few weeks. I could see him taking control of the game or even aligning with Rob if he had to since he seems done with his tribe. One to watch.

9. Steve: Not much of an edit from him either. Boring is the word. Needs to step up.

10. Ashley: Useless is the word here. Do something soon Ash or you will keep dropping.

11. Andrea: The key is whether her and Matt make a move when he gets back in the game. On the slim chance he doesnt come back than she is toast. Not much has been said from her lately so maybe her best is yet to come.

12. Phillip: I will say it again. Its crazy he is still in the game. Enough already. Coach 2 should get his real soon.

Thats how I see it for now. Right now I see only a select few who actually have a shot. Lets hear what you think.

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