Tuesday, March 8, 2011


All right we are three episodes in on Survivor Redemption Island and I must say the season has been great so far, highlighted by the first ever voting off of Russell Hantz. That was certainly sweet to see but we must move on to those players who are still actively in the game (yeah yeah Russell is on Redemption Island but he is out of sight and out of mind for awhile). So what do we have in store for tomorrow's episode? Who is likely to be voted out from each tribe? Lets try and figure things out.

Zapatera Tribe: We start here since this is the more straightforward of the two as far as who is likely to be sent home. Now that Russell is out of the way, the core six of Mike, Steve, David, Sarita, Julie, and Ralph should have a nice bond going on. There really is no ill will between any of them and so they will certainly gang up on the two outcasts Stephanie and Krista. That plan to go along with Russell was not the right move after all huh girls? Really these two are screwed and they now it. The only glimmer of hope is for Krista since Stephanie surely will be the first to go after she insulted pretty much everyone at the last TC. Krista kept quiet but she too is now marked. Thats the price of investing in the Russell Hantz stock and seeing it crumble. Nothing to debate here. Stephanie is out next.

Candidates For Elimination: Stephanie, Krista
Who Is Going: Stephanie

Ometepe: Ometepe is a bit more interesting as we still have perpetual outcasts Phillip and Kristina as deserving candidates to be booted but also keep Andrea on the list. Rob doesnt trust her at all and he knows she feel betrayed but him for kicking off Matt. She is seen as dangerous to his game and so in the back of his mind, she might be the right choice to boot due to the fact she is a huge threat to jump to the other side in a merge. Also with Matt still in the game, the threat of him coming back and reuniting with her is scary to Rob. Now as far as Phillip and Kristina are concerned, the same deal is still in play for each. Kristina has no leg to stand on and no longer has the hidden immunity idol to protect her. She is the easy boot for sure based on nothing else. And with Phillip, he is a loose cannon for sure that could be more trouble to keep around than just sending him home. The caveat is that Rob seems to like the idea of using Phillip like a pawn which he did in episode 2. I truly think Phillip is loyal to Rob and I think Rob suspects this as well so he may not be looking to move him yet. All in all I think Rob knows he has to dump Andrea to eliminate the threat of her flippping or reuniting with Matt. He also would eliminate the female 4-3 advantage in the tribe as well as an additional bonus. I think she goes home.
Candidates For Elimination: Andrea, Phillip, Kristina
Who Goes Home: Andrea

As always check back right after the show for the wrapup and commentary. Enjoy the episode.

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