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Lets get the wrapup out of the way so we can get to the commentary that all have waited so patiently for. Or you can just skip the boring wrapup and get to the good stuff. Sort of like skipping the readings in history class that was assigned for homework and going right to the questions so you can get it done and go out to play. But I digress.

Things start off back at the Ometepe camp as the rain starts to fall. Luckily they have the tarp to protect them from it. Phillip realizes that he is the odd man out and he thinks they should beware of him. The next morning, Rob complains about Phillip kneeing him in the back while they slept. Rob is completely annoyed at him and notes that everyone wants him out of the game. This is a good thing according to Rob as it takes the heat off of him.

As we head over to Zapatera, the mood of the tribe is great as noted by Steve as Ralph catches some fish. Things cant be better apparently. Steve believes that the core six should try to bring in Krista and Stephanie so they are strong as a group. The tree mail also soon arrives as its time for another duel. Krista and Stephanie head out to see the Redemption Island battle as the others dont seem to care. The two girls start to hatch a plan however as they decide to cause havoc and chaos if they can reach the merge. They are joined by Rob and Grant.

As far as the challenge, Matt and Kristina face off in a battle where each has to collect puzzle pieces. They will complete a puzzle in the shape of a cube. First person who gets it right stays around and the loser heads home for good. As the challenge gets underway, Matt gets all the pieces to the platform first. That edge gets him the head start but he soon stumbles. Kristina has a shot to pass him but she too stumbles. During the game Matt starts talking to Rob as to why he voted him out. Rob wasnt going for it though and gives nothing away here. We soon see Matt complete the puzzle as he wins again. Kristina goes home and Matt is becoming a serious player. Stephanie chimes in after the challenge as she confesses that she and Krista might possibly decide to defect when it comes to a merge. They insist they are telling the truth as Rob nods his agreement.

Back at Ometepe, the girls are talking about food as Phillip decides it was a good moment for him to make an impression on them as he goes to hunt for crabs again. He soon starts helping Andrea make a fire as Ashley and Ashley talk about missing Grant and Rob. Andrew however notes that Ashley and Natalie dont do much around camp. She also talks about how she wants to get rid of Natalie before Phillips as he tries to talk her up in a private moment while continuing getting the fire going. She asks him outright if he ever tried to throw her under the bus and he tells her it never occured. He notes that if Matt comes back, he will go in an alliance with the two of them against Rob. She doesnt give an answer as Rob and Grant get back.

Soon we go to Zapatera as Stephanie and Krista dread going back to camp. They feel proud of talking to Rob and they decide not to tell the others about their convo with Rob. Its than the next day as Steve and Mike talk about the team concept. Krista finds this nutty as Stephanie and her start working on a meal for the tribe. Mike knows the two of them are up to no good as they prepare for the challenge.

Both tribes soon meet up for the immunity challenge as each tribe has to have one person act as a caller as the others are blindfolded. Using verbal command they will direct the tribe to collect four puzzle pieces. The caller than has to use the pieces to do a puzzle for immunity and reward which is a breakfast meal. The callers are Boston Rob and Stephanie. David was annoyed that Sarita picked Stephanie as the challenge begins. As always making a long challenge short, Boston Rob shows why he is possibly the best puzzle player ever as he wins for the tribe. Zapatera realizes after that David should have been in there.

After the challenge, we see Ometepe basking in their win as they dig into the food. Donuts are scarfed up quickly as everyone goes crazy. Grant finds the hidden immunity idol clue as Rob sees it also. They work together as Grant set a pick for Rob to walk away. Rob smartly decides to switch the clues by giving back the first clue and keeping the second. Hook line and sinker.

Back at Zapatera, the talks begins as the team gets annoyed at each other for not having David in there. Sarita tries to say David under pressure is not good as he takes offense. Things get heated between the two as they get crazy. The cracks are starting to show as Steve talks about being annoyed at everyone. It seems a slam dunk that Stephanie or Krista will go home but of course this being Survivor its never that cut and dried. Sarita and Julie talk about David since they think he is threat as a lawyer in real life. It does come back to Krista and Stephanie though. The two of them talk about hatching their own plan as they talk about dumping Steve by calling him a bad athlete.

Soon they go to tribal council as talk centers on how Krista and Stephanie have been left out in the cold. Krista tries to put it out there how dumb the core six are in really playing the game. Mike calls her on it and shuts her down quick. They soon begin talking about the challenge as Stephanie is put out there as its noted how she failed in it. The votes are cast as Krista is sent packing by a count of 6-2 with two ridiculous votes on Steve. She will go head to Redemption Island and battle it out with Matt to stay around for a bit longer in the game.

All right now for the good stuff, the commentary.

-As far as the vote is concerned, it was surprising that Krista was sent home over Stephanie as the latter seemed like the easy choice due to her big mouth and having the more strategic game. As the episode unfolded though, I was glad Krista was sent home because she was almost completely useless and offered nothing as far as the game was concerned. Her defense and strategy talk at tribal council was laughable and it was great seeing Mike shut her up. I dont care what the preview is showing, Matt will not lose to her. Nothing earth shattering there. As a whole Zapatera eliminated a major threat of defection as we saw at the Redemption Island portion of the episode. Stephanie is on borrowed time and needs a miracle to stay around. Even though David and Sarita butted heads, you would have to be a fool to take a chance going against the core to go with Krista or Stephanie. Lets move on now.
-As far as the challenge itself was concerned, first let me say that all of these contests are getting boring as hell. Every challenge now ends in a stupid puzzle and are all low budget ones for sure. We have heard that Survivor is cutting back on costs which is why they do seasons back to back in a specific location but the challenge suck right now. Remember how awesome they were back in the day? One of my favorites was the strength duels where the strongest guy on the tribe carried weight like when Colby and Mike battled in Australia or Rupert and Osten in Pearl Islands. A relic of the past.
-Zapatera and specifically Sarita were dumb as hell for going with Stephanie in the puzzle role. It was obvious to everyone and their dogs that David was the designated New York Times crossword puzzle nerd on the tribe but he was shut out by Sarita and whats more amazing is that the rest of the tribe went along with it. And what was even more nutty was the fact that Ralph was involved in the challenge. The guy doesnt even know his right from his left as we saw when Stephanie tried to give him directions. They bungled it all the way around but they really werent that upset as it was addition by subtraction.
-By the way David going at it with Sarita was a non-issue. You cant expect them to get along every minute of every day. Just keep an eye on it. David is freaky strange looking though. Ladies he is the guy you meet on a blind date and than you run to bathroom to have your friend call you so you can say to him you have to go because of a family emergency.
-Stephanie saying Steve was a terrible athlete was funny as hell. Former NFL player here you air head.
-Speaking of Stephanie, her facial expressions are funny and she does have immense attitude for what its worth.
-I am still trying to determine if Julie has some hotness to her. Yeah I think so. I also think she can beat David in an arm wrestling contest.
-Over at Ometepe, Boston Rob is tearing shizz up. He is mastering this game and you are seeing a master at work here. Really you can totally see the difference in playing with amateurs as Rob is running circles around these guys and gals. What he did with Grant and the hidden immunity idol clue was classic. Giving the first clue back and taking the one that was in the coffee was genius. Just being able to come up with something like that on the fly is why this game may never see a better player. I can only hope we are not being set up to see Rob get screwed at the end like he did in All Stars (and I hated his guts that season) due to a bitter jury. Also his performance with the puzzle was incredible and he hands down is the best ever in that aspect of the competition of the game.
-I cant fathom how Phillip is still in this game. Those who drew his name in the office Survivor pool are thinking they lasted four more weeks than they originally thought.
-I cant believe that Andrea was engaging Phillip in strategy talk. Not saying much about her for sure.
-Ashley and Natalie better not win this game. I am just saying. They are just nice versions of Krista at this point. Doing nothing and looking pretty.
-I wonder if Grant and Steve recognize each other from playing in the NFL.
-Was surprised seeing Matt talk some junk to Boston Rob. I didnt think he had it in him. Either way its obvious that Matt has a big ax to grind and he no doubt is worrying Rob. The threat of him coming back and rejoining Andrea is a major issue hovering over the game. Stay tuned.

All right I am out. Updated rankings tomorrow. Post opinions below and lets discuss. Ciao.

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