Thursday, March 3, 2011


As big an episode as you can get last night as Russell Hantz finally got the boot. He heads to Redemption Island where he will duel with Matt. Here is how the updated rankings look like with your favorite Boston resident at the top once again this week.

1. Rob Mariano: Rob is playing an awesome game right now and its a thing of beauty. He warded off a potential love alliance with Matt and Andrea and convinced Phillip to be his pawn. On top of all that he finds the hidden immunity idol clue and does anyone really think he wont find it? Here's hoping Rob finally gets the title that was robbed (pardon the pun) from him in All Stars.

2. Grant: Grant at this point has to be Rob's biggest ally as Boston's finest continues to worry about the girls outnumbering the guys. Seems like a very solid guy to hand with and someone who has the likability going right now.

3. Ralph: Ralphs shoots up now that he dodged the Russell threat and after booting his nemesis, he didnt have to burn the hidden idol in the process which no one else knows about. This is a big advantage for the guy who is well liked on the tribe.

4. Natalie: Its interesting that I think three of the favorites are on the tribe with the deficit in man/woman power. Natalie was the one Rob spoke about taking to the end of the game so you got to go with this for now. She hasnt been heard from much which we all know means good things for getting far in the game.

5. Mike: I really like Mike and have from the beginning. I have complete respect for those who served their country and I will always root for those who went through this as long as they are classy which he has been. In tight with Ralph which always a bonus since the guy has the idol.

6. David: I have changed my opinion of David as I thought all along he would go with Russell but it never happened. He was anit-Russell from the beginning and was an active member in throwing the challenge which got him booted. Also he is clearly the most intelligent person in the game and we all know how the mind can take you far (Rob Cesternino anyone?).

7. Ashley: The final piece in the Boston Rob alliance, she too has not had much of an edit yet. She must go far.

8. Steve: The guy has taken the bull by the horns and came up with the idea of throwing the challenge which achieved its objective. Reminds me a bit of Tom Westman as an older guy who is very fit.

9. Julie: She earned major props in my view for refusing to be baited by Russell and his barbies. Great gutsy move when many others went the other way. She has a rough home life right now so I hope she does well.

10. Sarita: What a beautiful woman she is. Maybe its just me. Anyway if she profiles as someone who if she gets to the merge, she could go a long way.

11. Andrea: Andrea is dropping fast after Matt was booted. Rob is worried about her and thats bad for her spot in the game. I have not been impressed yet with the chick. She still has time to turn it around but she better not challenge Rob. She will lose for sure.

12. Phillip: I cant believe he is still around but I love it. What an entertainer even though he doesnt mean to be. I cant picture him at a merge though as Rob will figure he is too much of a firecracker.

13. Krista: She is another one who is dead now that Russell is out but lucky for her Stephanie was more annoying and so they will focus on her first. She has been just as useless though.

14. Kristina: I still think she is gone if Ometepe loses again. She has not made any inroads with anyone since episode 1.

15. Stephanie: The mouth that roared should see her bootie kicked off soon. There is not much here anyway.

16. Russell: I cant believe we are talking about him being out of the game right now but I fully believe he will win over Matt. If he gets back into the game look out. I actually hope he does so Rob can vote him out. That it would be a perfect season in my view.

17. Matt: I dont think Matt is going to hold off the charge of Russell. A motivated Russell is a dangerous Russell. Can anyone actually picture him off the show completely after episode 4? I dont think so.

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