Thursday, March 24, 2011


Another week and another boot as Krista is sent home for good and partner in crime Stephanie was sent to Redemption Island. Here is how the remaining players stack up.

1. Boston Rob: Its almost getting boring putting him on top every week but no one else has stepped up to even be considered a threat. David had some potential but he screwed himself by aligning with Stephanie. No one else is even nipping at his toes.

2. Natalie: Natalie remains here not for anything she has done. Its just for the fact she is being carried by Rob to the end of the game where she could pull a Natalie and steal it from Boston's finest if he pisses off enough people which he has been known to do. At this point though she has no redeeming qualities as far as being worthy of winning.

3. Mike: Mike is still the guy to beat in Zapatera. Just my opinion. Nothing has changed here.

4. Grant: Grant and Rob are best buds and they have been working great together. No way does Rob bring him to the finals though as he would be more of a threat to take it all than would Natalie.

5. Julie: I keep pushing Julie higher and higher up the rankings. Unlike Sarita, she has remained without controversy on her own tribe and physically has what it takes when the challenges become individualized. She has a mind for the game and has already showed it by choosing not to go with Russell.

6. Ralph: He still has the hidden immunity idol and could be a fun choice to win it all. He is annoying as hell though with the way he whines during almost all of the challenges this far in the game.

7. Ashley: Still cant figure out why so many people voted that she was going to win when I originally placed the poll up before the season started. Sorry I just cant see it unless she starts making some moves to call her own.

8. Andrea: She is hanging around. Thats pretty much all you can say right now. Things change for the better if/when Matt gets back.

9. David: He is in big trouble now that he decided to go against the Core Six. By voting that way, he told the others he is willing to flip which is not a good thing. He is smart so he could figure a way out but he has work to do.

10. Sarita: She has no chance to win. Has done nothing but whine and show weakness.

11. Phillip: Any day now he will get the overdue boot. What a tool and piece of work he is.

12. Matt: He will shoot way up the rankings when he gets back into the game which seems any week now. Nice story unfolding here.

13. Stephanie: Good riddance. She played tough but she was too much to take with her voice.

Thats how I see it. Lets hear some divergent opinions here.

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