Thursday, March 10, 2011


Russell Hantz is no longer a threat to return to the game and Kristina will head to a duel with Matt on Redemption Island. With that being said lets take a look at who currently stands the best chance of winning the game.

1. Rob Mariano: Boston Rob is doing his thing and playing as well as he ever has. His work in finding the hidden immunity idol was classic and he passes Russell on the all time ranks for sure. Now that he does have the idol and a firm alliance that is still doing what he says, he is the man to bet on. Whats great is that you know Rob could care less about the money since he and Amber have made tons of dough doing reality television. He wants the title and he is earning it.

2. Natalie: If Rob continues with his plan to take Natalie to the end of the game, she actually stands a chance to win if Rob pisses off enough people. She has been quiet so far and doesnt seem like she has a winner's edit but did Natalie White shen she won?

3. Mike: Now that Ralph potentially screwed himself by revealing he has the hidden immunity idol, Mike takes the lead as far as who has the best shot from Zapatera. Everyone likes him still and he is playing hard.

4. Ralph: Ralph drops a bit due to the idol flub with Russell but as long as he has it, he stands an excellent chance since Zapatera has the numbers over Ometepe.

5. Grant: Seems very buddy buddy with Rob and is at rusted ally. Very physical dude who is a major factor.

6. Steve: Steve and Mike are close and both guys have done nothing to earn wrath from the others or to out themselves in jeopardy.

7. Ashley: The final chapter of the Mariano 4 alliance, Ashley is staying out of the way and staying relevant.

8. Julie: I like her and I am rooting for her if Rob cant win. Made the decison of the season to snub Russell and it could result in a million bucks.

9. David: Seems like he gets into it with Sarita this week and I would side with him if that becomes a faceoff due to his brain skills.

10. Sarita: She seems like a feisty one who could be getting into some trouble with her argument with David next week.

11. Andrea: She remains a worry for Rob who will likely feel increased pressure to dump here with Matt continuing to win.

12. Krista: She is lucky Stephanie has a big mouth or her demise would be close by.

13. Stephanie: Again if Zapatera loses she is out. Nothing changes there.

14. Phillip: The guy is a lunatic and he is only around for the fact that no one takes him seriously. Has one or two episodes tops left in the game.

15. Matt: Still around after his second straight win. Looking like a solid bet to return where he will become a major factor and shoot up the lists as he is still well-liked.

16. Kristina: She has almost no chance to beat Matt. Cant wait to see her go.

There you have it. Let me hear who is too high or too low.

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