Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wrapup first followed by the always lovable and cuddly commentary:

Things start off back at Zapatera as the tribe talks about how Sarita took it well when it came to eviction. David and Ralph talk about the vote and David seems all right with it. They note how desperate things are and how they need to get going in the next challenge.

We than go to Redemption Island as Sarita meets Matt. He seems happy to see her as he doesnt think she is much of a challenge. Sarita talks about the good parts about Zapatera and Matt is taking all the info for possible use later. He also starts thinking about jumping ship to the other tribe if he gets back in the game.

The next day at Ometepe the tree mail arrives as the duel beckons. The entire tribe is invited to go and they start talking about the merge which they think is imminent. Rob tells the others to bring their stuff in case. Phillip disagrees but he talks about how he feels comfortable with his tribe. Meanwhile at Zaptera the tribe also talks about the possible upcoming merge and how Mike wants to take out Rob.

Back at Redemption Island, Matt talks about how he cut his foot and that he is worried about an endurance challenge. Sarita feels confident that she can win. Both walk into the duel and are told they must in fact endure an endurance challenge to get back into the game. Winner finally gets back in. Rob notes how it could be bad if Matt gets back in and goes to the other side. The challenge is where both have to use their feet to stand up on side pegs and stay up as long as they can so they can get back to the game. During the challenge Phillip goes through a huge diatribe much to the rest of the groups annoyance. As always making a long challenge short Matt outlasts Sarita and amazingly gets back in the game. The rest of the group is also informed that they have merged. They will all got to a new beach and are told that after the next TC Redemption Island starts again.

Back at the new beach, the tribe starts to get to know each other and a feast awaits them. They also come up with a new name which is Merlonio. Rob made it up as it was an inside joke between he and Amber. Matt starts asking what happened after he was voted out as they start building a new shelter. We than see Mike try to curry favor with Matt as he tries to make a big move in the game. Mike makes a big promise to Matt and in turn Andrea and talks about how he will stick by them above the rest. He also talks about how Matt and Andrea can use the idol from Zapatera if they want.

That night Matt and Andrea start talking and he wants to take out Ometepe. He wants to knock Steve out first to throw off Ometepe and earn their trust and than kick off Phillip and Rob. Andrea is a bit concerned and is unsure of what to do here.

Early the next day, Matt starts talking about religion to the others and believes that he is back in the game for a reason. He feels some loyalty to Ometepe however and starts to question what he originally thought. Rob watches this and talks about how he is worried that some of the others are religious together. He zones in on Mike being the first to go if he doesnt win immunity.

The challenge arrives and they are instructed about what its make up is. They will all be perched on a log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. On regular intervals they will have more balls added. If a ball falls you are out. Last person standing wins immunity. Making a long challenge short, Natalie wins immunity over Mike.

Back at camp, they all congratulate Natalie and Mike seems worried about getting sent away. Zapatera talks about who would go and Mike thinks its either he or Ralph. They also talk about getting rid of Grant since he is Rob's big ally. We soon see Rob and Matt talk and after much debate the latter decides to stay with his tribe. He tells Rob all about what he and Mike talked about as far as the idol and such. Rob is not impressed though and talks about sending him away again. He also brings in Andrea and tells Rob she was part of it. Rob than goes to Natalie and tells her Matt is a goner again. Matt sees what is going on and starts feeling paranoid. Mike uses this as an opportunity to grab him in again. He writes a note to Matt and hands it to him while Ometepe is not looking. He tells him to vote Grant and that he will take him to the final three. Rob soon grabs Andrea and tells her that Matt has to go. The setup is there as they go to TC.

After the usual Q and A's with Probst, it gets settled with the tribe voting out Matt again by a tally of 6-5-1 with the other votes for Grant (5) and Steve (1).

Now for the good old fashioned commentary:

-"This poor kid." Thats the collective thought of both Julie and across American tonight after watching Matt get booted yet again. I mean for real? It was a huge move nonetheless and what is really painful to watch regarding this is the fact this kid really gave his tribe a second chance and they ^&^*^ all over him. To make matters worse, Andrea also joined in on the onslaught and threw her beau to the curb. I guess she was jealous from all those nights he spent with Krista, Stephanie, Sarita etc. By the way with all those hot women coming into the shelter at Redemption Island during his stay there, why didnt Matt try to put the moves on and get some action? Oh well I digress. Anyway it was tough hearing him say at the end that he likes his tribe and wants them to like him. It was a real soul revelation and took you into how crushed he was. Now we get to see him at Redemption again where anything is possible. Can he do it again? You cant obviously count him out based on what we have seen. Either way Matt clearly doesnt have the mind for the game and that has revealed itself in very painful ways this season.
-Zapatera is pretty much screwed unless Phillip goes haywire which is always a possibility. You know I say it every week but I will say it again: how in the hell is Phillip still in this game? Anyway the previews show Grant possibly jumping ship but I dont buy it. Ometepe has the 6-5 advantage and it would make no sense for him to go that route. Someone from Zapateta is going next unless something huge happens here.
-Boston Rob is the man. He continues running all over these people in the game and kicking off Matt was another big move. The threat of him going to the other side was real and so he for the time being eliminated another obstacle. What was really huge about this is the fact Rob came out of the merge TC holding onto his hidden immunity idol which I thought for sure he would have to play and he eliminated one of his big worries (Matt) while neutralizing another one (Andrea who voted out Matt). Great work as always.
-Another nice Rob tidbit was him making up the new tribe name and trying to make it sound like something it wasnt. He is pretty darn funny thats for sure.
-Natalie winning the immunity challenge was big for her. She now has something to put in her Survivor portfolio as far as enhancing her chances of eventually winning. We all want Survivor winners to win some challenges and being a force at camp and at least in the first aspect, Natalie succeeded. Her stock improved with this win.
-Phillip and his speeches are making Coach look boring. What the hell was that at the immunity challenge? Funny shizz as always.
-As far as the quality of the immunity challenge, I always like those endurance battles. Always gets the adrenaline going and gives you the edge of your seat feeling that makes it great tv.
-By the way did you see the size of Julie's quads? Holy crap. One of the more fit women I have seen on the show in awhile. Still want her to do very well and I am glad those bogus spoilers were wrong that she was out early.
-Regarding Sarita and Matt in their duel, I couldnt possibly fathom Matt losing after coming this far. Sarita gave it a great fight though and earned a great deal of cred in my book for her showing. I still feel baad for her she left but she put her stamp on the game at the end there.
-Mike is a real player. He came up with some great ides such as going after Grant when the obvious one was to be to go after Rob. Word obviously got out though as Grant didnt seem surprised in the least when the votes were read. Still think Mike has the best chance to win from Zapatera but he is clearly the one to go next.
-By the way Ralph was dumb for using the idol and he put it on the wrong guy. Ugghhh this guy has fewer smarts than my 18-month old son. Also my son can speak better English than Ralph does.
-The season is getting better and better as we head into the latter stages. I thought when Russell left that it had lost some of the excitement but I was wrong. Good stuff ahead I think.

Thats all for now. New rankings and other stuff tomorrow. Ciao.

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