Friday, March 11, 2011


After quite a bit of time away, the return of Online Survivor is here just like old times. For those who are not familiar, years ago I organized online Survivor games modeled just like the show and conducted competitions full of intensity, strategy, and above all else fun! Those who are new to the concept, here is how it works:

-There will be a separate page (which I will construct shortly) that you will access for the game. There will be two tribes of 9 for a total of 18 players. Each tribe will receive challenges that will be posted on the page for them to work on together and submit to me correctly. Winning tribe wins immunity and avoid Tribal Council. Losers cast votes later that day for whom they want to kick out. Just like on real Survivor. During non-challenge times, its advised that you stay in touch with your tribe through e-mail or instant messenger. In fact its strongly recommended you use instant messenger (create a new screen name just for the game I suggest) so that you can stay on top of what goes on.

-As like with the real show, there will be curveballs thrown such as hidden immunity idols where clues are put on the game page where you have to go out on the web and find what I am hinting at, along with tribal switches etc. All in the name of being the number 1 Survivor.

-Entrance fee for the game is $10.00 per person which is payed for via PayPal. Half of that sum from each person goes into a pot where the winner receives $90 bucks for winning the game. For most the money is the side note in having fun and meeting new people.

-As always I expect a nice clean game with nobody getting out of hand. I reserve the right to remove those who get too unruly or who disprupt the game in any way.

If this sounds like something you would be interesting in trying out, than feel free to fill out the application below and lets get started. I look forward to providing a fun experience for you.

Online Survivor Application (E-MAIL BACK TO RANGERFAN28@YAHOO.COM):

Do You Have Access To AOL Sreename To Communicate With Tribe?
What Survivor Player Do You Compare Yourself To?

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