Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We are getting closer to merge time with 12 players remaining in the tribes and two more on Redemption Island. Lets break it down from each tribe to determine who is likely to be sent away next?

Ometepe: Boston Rob continues to run things and is seemingly in a great spot with the hidden immunity idol but ideally he wants to save that for the merge when Zapatera might try to gang up and boot him out. As far as his own tribe is concerned, both Andrea and Phillip remain thorns in his side for different reasons. Andrea due to her past with Matt is certainly dangerous. Whose to say that Matt doesnt come back in the game, hooks back up with Andrea, and than joins up with Zapatera to go after Rob when the merge gets here? This would be a very possible happening which Rob has surely thought about. As far as Phillip is concerned, he walked in on Grant and Rob holding the hidden immunity idol clue which was big. Phillip is so out of control that Rob constantly has to worry about him ruining his game and undermining his efforts. Now Phillip (nor Grant) knows that Rob already has the idol which is big but still Phillip has overstayed his welcome by about a month. He has to be taken care of ASAP and he is the prime person to go.
Candidates For The Boot: Phillip, Andrea
Voted Out: Phillip

Zapatera: Over at Zapatera, things are getting a bit sticky as David unbelievably cast his lot in the sinking ship known as Stephanie. The rest of the tribe stuck with Sarita despite her shortcomings in challenges and so David looks foolish for jumping ship away from a previously solid Core Six. On the surface he looks like the sure fire one to go next but its not that simple. If Zapatera loses their third immunity challenge in a row, deperation will start to set in and they almost would have to vote Sarita off in order to maximize their efforts to win the next challenge so as not to fall further behind Ometepe. David will have to schmooze a bit this week but he seems like he can talk his way out of this.
Candidates For The Boot: Sarita, David
Voted Out: Sarita

Thats how I see it. It looks like it should be interesting for sure. As always check back for the wrapup and commentary tomorrow.

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