Tuesday, March 22, 2011


All right we are moving right along here on Survivor Redemption Island as Krista was the latest to get the boot and be sent to face off against the seemingly unbeatable Matt this week. With that as a backdrop, lets take a look at what is going on in each tribe and figure out who is likely to go home from each group.

Ometepe: We start here as it they were featured more prominently in the previews for this week's episode with Phillip having yet another meltdown in front of the tribe. In particular, he seems to be going over the edge due to the lack of work ethic from Ashley and Natalie. His presence is a major distraction to the team and they all cant wait until he is finally booted out. The one caveat is that with Matt still hanging aorund in the game, Boston Rob has to be thinking of getting rid of Andrea who can become a big problem for him if he reunites with Matt and the two them try and get revenge. So dont discount this scenario despite what the previews show. If Matt wins again as expected, than the pressure will increase even more on Rob to get her out of the game. It would be the right move. Be that as it may, he could have an impossible time convincing the others again to keep Phillip around. He is the one who is the most likely to go this week.
In Trouble: Phillip, Andrea
Getting the Boot: Phillip

Zapatera: Things are not as peachy over at Zapatera as they used to be with the first few cracks showing as David got into it with Sarita. Be that as it may, they did the right thing and got rid of Krista so as to eliminate one person who will jump to the other tribe in a merge. Stephanie is still around and she surely is the one to go if they happen to lose again. I couldnt even figure out wo in the Core Six would go if she somehow stayed but it would make no sense for anyone to go outside the alliance. It would be one of the dumber moves for sure as the numbers are squarely on the side of the majority in this tribe. Its Stephanie and no one else.
In Trouble: Stephanie
Getting the Boot: Stephanie

There you have it. Enjoy the show tomorrow and check back afterwards for the wrapup and commentary.

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