Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The commentary awaits.....after the wrapup of course. HA tricked you.

Things start off at Redemption Island as Matt meets up with Francesca. He expresses how shocked he is as they both wonder why Phillip wasn't there. They also discuss about how Rob is a scoundrel.

Meanwhile at Ometepe Rob is basking in his glory of blindsiding Matt and having Kristina play her idol. He goes and tells Phillip about how the guys need to stick together as they shake on it. The wild card is Andrea as Rob knows he needs to smooth things over with her.

The next day at Redemption Island Matt and Francesca open up the tree mail for their duel. Zapatera meanwhile gets a tree mail about how they have to send two people to watch what goes on in Redemption Island. They have to pick stones to see who goes which David and Steve get. David happy Russell and his girls don't get to see what happens. Andrea and Ashley get to go from Ometepe. Rob is worried about this as he thinks Andrea will get the chance to talk to Matt. They soon gets situated as they watch Matt and Francesca duel. The concept is that they both have to make a long pole to retrieve three keys which opens three locks. Whoever opens the three keys first wins and stays in the game while the other goes home. Francesca gets her stick completed first and gets the first key and soon grabs the second. Matt is having all sorts of issues as Matt gets into the game. He quickly gets the first and second keys as they get tied. Soon Matt gets the third key and opens up his locks to win. Francesca gets sent home now for good. She tosses her buff in the fire as she leaves. As the viewers leave, Steve thinks about telling Russell than Francesa beat Matt.

Back at Ometepe the girls return as they tell the others about Matt winning. Ashley told them that Matt wanted to come back and get revenge. Rob realizes he has to talk with Andrea and they sit down for a heart-to-heart. He apologizes to her and tries to explain what is up. Rob tells her she is safe and that Kristina and Phillip are going next. Andrea doesn't buy it and is looking for a way out and begins to cry about Matt being booted.

Over at Zapatera, Steve and David return to tell the others that Francesca won. The idea is to surprise Russell if he gets voted out and he goes and sees Matt. Steve soon tells the others other than Russell and the girls that Matt really won. Russell knows all too well that its 6-3 as he continues to look for the idol. Ralph meanwhile keeps spying on him as he takes great pleasure that he has it. Soon the evil three talk about crating a fake one. They begin to craft one as they try to sell the others on it. Steve notices this as the plan seems to work. Russell tries to work it as well.

Soon Russell and the girls talk about how bad his bug bites are. It looks pretty nasty as Mike notices. Steve, Mike, and Ralph soon talk about kicking him out for sure as they note how useless he is. A plan is talked about in regards to throwing a challenge. The others are concerned about it, particularly Julie. They hatch a plan where its one thumb for throwing it. Soon they meet up with Ometepe as Probst explains the challenge. Three members of each tribe are tied to a wheel while the others spin it. The three on the wheel must suck water and spit it into a bucket. Once a ball in the bucket rises up, the others will work on a puzzle. First tribe to complete everything wins immunity. Soon Zapatera give the thumbs up as the plan to get rid of Russell is put in place. Julie is told to miss the bucket when she spits which she is not feeling great about. Ometepe soon takes the expected lead as Rob gets going on the puzzle. David soon gets a shot at the puzzle but Rob takes it as he continues his excellence in puzzles. Zapatera seems happy about their defeat as Russell looks pissed and soon thinks they threw it.

Back at Ometepe the tribe is happy with their win. They get the reward as well which is pillows and tarps. Rob zones in on the hidden immunity idol clue as everyone looks for it. He than finds the clue under the chair that Phillip is sitting in as he takes the chair behind the shelter and takes it.

At Zapatera things get intense as talk begins over who goes. The plan is for the rest of the tribe to give three votes for Stephanie and 3 to Russell. Meanwhile Russell and the girls talk over what to do as they discuss how the others threw the challenge. They know a split vote is coming and so they need one person to flip. Russell soon approaches Julie on this with Stephanie's help. She lies to her and tells her that they have the idol. Julie is buying it due to Russell's past going to the end of the game. Russell and Julie shake on it as they say Ralph. They shake on it as Russell vows to protect her.

At TC talk begins as Ralph talks about the division in the tribe. Sarita notes about how Russell's legacy was a reason why some would go with him and that he didn't live up to his word about how he was not going to screw anyone. Russell than hints that the others threw the challenge. Mike acknowledges it as he talks about getting rid of some "fat on the tribe." Julie hints at her thought on going into the merge with numbers. Stephanie and David than go at it as far as how to play the game as he talks about how dumb it was to throw the challenge. Soon the votes are cast as Julie nods her agreement with Russell. The votes however reveal a three way tie between Russell, Ralph, and Stephanie. The revote goes 5-1 in favor of Russell as he finally gets his torch snuffed in a truly classic Survivor moment.

All right now for the good stuff.

-Get the coffin ready because I can now die in peace. I finally witnessed the most despised person in the history of reality tv in my opinion get his torch snuffed out. It was a beautiful moment as I almost had tears in my eyes. Not really on the tears part but I was ecstatic. And what made this even sweeter was the fact I totally expected Ralph to go home in classic Russell blindsides. Some chatter was that Ralph was going out early and it fit the tone of the episode as I felt like we were being set up for another big time Russell escape. In fact I was preparing to give him the title of Teflon Russell for this post but thank goodness I didn't have to use it. Now the other side of this which was echoed by my wife is that it sucks to see Russell voted out so early and a teeny part of me agrees with this, especially for the fact that Rob wasn't the one to do it. But be that as it may, it was well overdue and I have to give major props to Julie who is my MVP of the season right now based solely on this move. I am totally rooting for her now as it took guts for her to go against The Evil One when so many others in the past went along for the ride. No coattail riding here as she stood up and made a big time move that could pay dividends later on. Love it and love her. Wow I know I am rambling now but I still cant believe what I just saw. Russell finally got his. What a great scene this was for sure.
-Don't tell me any of you thought Russell was actually going home. NO ONE thought this and really we are back at square one when it comes to spoilers which I think is great. All of the info I read has been completely wrong and so for the first time since S19, we have a season where the lid has been sealed on the results. Now lets get those ratings up.
-Let me just say that Stephanie is as annoying as any contestant I have seen awhile and it was great seeing the "Oh Shit" look on her face when she realized she was toast. And really no one should feel sorry for her or Krista who had the misguided plan to hitch onto the Russell train. Stupid little girls. And Sarita should have totally done a smackdown on her for being so disrespectful and rude. Whiny little brat. She is gone next for sure.
-Ralph had to enjoy this more than most and he still has the idol which no one knows. Loved the way he spelled Ressell.
-Now I never endorse tossing a challenge but I cant argue with the results. And honestly this is the first time I can ever remember the split vote working. I think Jeff is wrong about this tribe being in trouble. I think they are closer now more than ever after reuniting in their effort to dump Russell and once they bounce the little girls, they will be even tighter. And also props for David who changed my opinion of him as I was leery of him aligning with Russell.
-Did I say how much I love Julie now? You rock girl.
-Telling Russell that Francesca beat Matt in the challenge was great. The master manipulator getting played again this season. Tell me Russell was it worth coming back?
-Over at Ometepe, Boston Rob is playing the best game of anyone and its not even close. Classic scene with him finding the idol clue with the brainless Phillip sitting right on it and not knowing. Would love to have been in his living room tonight seeing the look on his face when he realized he let that opportunity slip by. And Rob is so great with how natural he tries to make it look as he convinces Phillip to switch chairs and than takes off with the item with the clue taped to it. Great stuff and Rob is playing the game big time now. He deserves to win finally after all these tries. Whether you love him or not, Rob Mariano is one of the best to ever play the game. Enjoy him while he is around.
-I am glad Phillip is sticking around for another episode. More entertainment. More cringe inducing: Coach or Phillip? I hear a new poll forming!!!!
-Andrea weeping over Matt was pathetic. I know I said it last week but I felt I needed to say it again.
-Kristina has lasted two more episodes than I thought she would.
-The Redemption Island duel was boring. Not much moved the excitement meter for me. You and I both know it was a ploy just to keep Russell and Rob in the game as long as possible but I will give it another chance. Could you imagine if Russell loses and goes home next week? Now that would not be how Probst and Burnett drew it up.
-Technically Ometepe still hasn't won.

All right that's all for now. I have to sit down after such a huge happening. Great stuff. Please post away your thoughts. I would love to hear what you thought of this incredible happening.


  1. Here is the most courageous move, is that Ralph has NOT revealed his retaining of the idol yet. The TC vote could have been a lot less risky if Ralph revealed the idol to his team of 6, and did a straight 6-3 vote against Russell, in the event (as the edit implied) that someone from the 6 would switch. Thankfully, Julie stayed with the majority, because she would be in trouble next TC is she switched too soon.

    Wow, so Ralph is playing a longer game strategy, by keeping the odol to himself, and no one suspects he has it because he has never been seen looking for it. So in the merged tribe he will have a trump up him sleeve.

    Amazing entertainment.

  2. Julie totally deserves a ton of credit you are right. I also was a tad disappointed we didnt get to see Rob oust Russell which would have been even better, but he could still come back. Bottom line is that Probst and Burnett are hoping as heck Russell goes on a winning streak at RI.