Sunday, March 6, 2011


No doubt that if you slipped truth serums into the morning latte's of Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst, you would find out that both are very letdown for the fact that everyone's favorite villain Russell Hantz has already been voted out of the game. Since the season's central storyline was Hantz' battle with Boston Rob, it no doubt was a big disappointment that The Evil One is already over at Redemption Island after his tribe couldnt wait to toss him aside. So the last remaining salvation for Burnett and Probst is for Russell to take charge in Redemption Island and this make a return to the game where he no doubt will come back in blazing hot and looking for revenge on those who kicked him out.

But there is an interesting dynamic to this new concept as we the viewers havent been told WHEN the first REDEEMED survivor player will be put back into the game. Probst never gave us a timeline of when enough duels have taken place to make it sufficient for someone to have earned their way in and so this is a loophole that both he and Burnett will no doubt exploit as a means to get Hantz back in quickly. If Russell beats out Matt this week, whose to say he wont be returned? Or even if he has to wait for an additional duel, its totally up to those in charge as to when they dedice to end the series. Surely I cant imagine a scenario where they allow Russell to fight his way through four or more duels in order to get back into the game. The chances of him winning all of those duels are highly unlikely and so their best course of action is to have him win two duels and than get himn back in. After all the Redemption Island twist was put in specifically for this season no doubt as a means to keep Rob and Russell relevant as long as possible. This was the doomsday scenario they feared with one or the other guys getting voted out quickly and so the Redemption Island twist was the means to keep them going in the game or else have a huge letdown for those fans tuning in to see Rob and Russell go at it.

So there you have it. Always the conspiracy theorist as I am, I would not be shocked in the least to see Hantz not have to stay around long on Redemption Island if he can string a few victories together. What do you think?

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