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So since we are mid-week until the next episode of Survivor Redemption Island, I thought it was a good time to revisit the All Time Survivor rankings from the mind of yours truly. As frightening as it might be to tap into my noggin, I felt it was appropriate to update the rankings in lieu of what we have witnessed for far on Redemption Island, namely Russell getting his ass booted out early and Rob utterly dominating the game. So with that in mind, here is how the top ten all time players currently look.

1. Sandra Diaz-Twine:
I'm sorry and I dont want to start the debate again but as the only two time winner, she gets the crown. You can tell me whatever you want about her play style and what not but the fact of the matter is that she played twice and won twice. No one else ever accomplished this and so the line starts behind her. She beat newbies and than All Stars. I can only hope she plays one more time before Survivor says goodbye just to see what happens.

2. Richard Hatch: Its too bad Hatch doesnt like to go see his accountant because we have been denied seeing the original master at work again. No doubt if he didnt get in trouble, Hatch would have been on Heroes VS Villains and likely could have beaten Russell at his own game. The man wrote the book on how to play Survivor, namely the alliance factor and will go down as one of the most colorful players ever. He was overconfident in All Stars and it nipped him in the bud but there is no doubt if he got another chance, he would be focused and likely run the show.

3. Rob Mariano: You and I both know that Rob really was the winner of All Stars. And the funny thing is that I hated his guys that season. But you can logically say he didnt deserve to win that season and Amber took it only because he played quite possible the biggest jerk game ever and got screwed for it. What separates him from Russell and really makes him an all time great is that Rob realized this and proceeded to change his demeanor and game play the next two times around and turn himself into a hero. Behind the scenes he is his devious self but I am a huge fan now and he is absolutely tearing it up in Rdemption Island. If Rob doesnt win this season, than it will be criminal. If he does win, he goes to number 1 all time as I give him credit for All Stars.

4. Parvati Shallow: Love her or hate her (and I love only her ass), Parvati was a real player who has a title under her belt and a runner up finish. She played the sex card better than any female ever and you can argue that she got robbed in Heroes VS Villains. Her alliance with Russell though did her in and that was a mistake she has to live with. Be that as it may, she got her hands dirty and did great in challenges which made her the non-typical Survivor hottie.

5. Russell Hantz: This seems about the right spot for Russell. I will admit he got robbed in Samoa for S 19 but he didnt make the necessary adjustments in his game that Rob did in Heroes VS Villains and Redemption Island and paid the price for it. He is going to go down as the most polarizing player in history but also one who is slightly overrated as well. He rolled 7's on many occasions such as Tyson changing his vote at the last second which spared him and what not but the fact of the mattter is that Russell never won the game. And his performance in Redemption Island was pitiful and again he never made adjustments to his game to suceed which Rob is showing can be accomplished.

6. Rupert Boneham: Rupert was everyone's favorite and he always acquitted himself in his seasons. If he doesnt get backstabbed by Jenna in All Stars, he wins that seasons and he almost got through Heroes VS Villains. The problem with Rupert is that he didnt have the mind for the game like Russell or Rob has. He made some funny TC decisions such as sticking with an injured James in H VS V and voting out Tom and not trusting Sandra later on when she pleaded for an alliance. That will stay on his ledger as negatives but pound for pound Rupert was possibly the strongest player ever who was one of the most liked and hardest worker participants ever.

7. Rob Cesternino: The guy had the body of a couch potato but this so-called "Survivor expert" had the best mind of possibly anyone who ever played. He was awesome in Amazon and would have won if he had just won that last challenge. Even Probst calls him the best player never to have won the game. Thats all you need to hear there. Lets hope he comes back one more time here.

8. Colby Donaldson: I have mixed feelings with Colby as he aged before out eyes and it wasnt pretty at the end there. He was a thoroughbred in Australia who I felt deserved to win due to his utter domination in challenges but by the time Heroes VS Villains cam around, he was just a weak pony who was infamously labeled by Danielle as being "weak in challenges." Wow what a fall from grace this was. Either way the Big Texan gave us some big moments and has his spot secured in the Survivor Hall of Fame.

9. Tom Westman: Here is one for the old guys as Westman oversaw the biggest tribal domination ever in Survivor history. He was the leader all the way through Palau and is one shining instant where the voters got it right at the end by giving him the dough. He showed his age some in Heroes VS Villains but all in all Tom was one of the most well-respected players ever.

10. Jerri Manthey: I know I am going to get ripped for this but I dont care. Jerri Manthey deserves her spot here as a woman who always gave it her all in challenges and had a fierce competitive fire. She did great in Heroes VS. Villains and her reputation as a villainess was way overblown. Anyone would have blown up at Keith in Australia as the guy was an idiot but unfortunately it stuck and that hurt her in future games. All in all though she always did her best and even won immunity in H VS V. Great job.

Thats how I see it. Would love to hear some objections on this. There are other worthy players such as Stephanie LaGross,a Cirie Fields, Todd Herzog etc. but this is my list and I am sticking to it.

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  1. Jerri in top 10 is hilarious. As is Sandra at #1.