Thursday, March 17, 2011


All right Kristina is finished as we expected but Matt remains a big wild card. Lets see how things currently stack up with another episode in the books.

1. Boston Rob: Rob will likely have this spot all to himself until he either wins the game or is voted out. I cant rememeber anyone this deserving of a win as Rob is right now. He is toying with everyone and its not even close for second.

2. Natalie: She hangs in the number two spot as Rob is going places and thus so is she. Nothing to really talk about here.

3. Mike: Same story. He is a nice guy, seems very secure in his tribe, and has an idea of what he is doing.

4. Grant: Grant is the third wheel in the Rob alliance and I think he will be cut loose once he is not needed anymore. Still he has been a very trusted Rob ally.

5. Steve: Steve is in tight with Mike and he had made no enemies. Ho hum.

6. Ashley: The last of the Rob foursome, she has done nothing noteworthy at all yet. Hopefully she makes her place in the game soon.

7. Ralph: He has the hidden immunity idol which usually guarantees a higher rank but Ralph is so dumb that he will screw this up somehow.

8. Julie: Watch out for her. I said it weeks ago and I still endorse her as the wild card.

9. David: He has a tiff with Sarita that was much adieu about nothing but the guy will use his oversized brain at some point.

10. Sarita: The weakest in the Zapatera Six, she is starting to become annoying.

11. Andrea: She wants to make moves in the game but is stuck in an alliance with people she doesnt like. If Matt gets back in the game her stock shoots up.

12. Stephanie: Surprised she was kept over Krista as she is the more strategic player but she has nothing going unless a merge happens where I can see Rob pulling her right in and dumping Andrea.

13. Phillip: Get this guy out already. Enough with this loser.

14. Matt: He will beat Krista next week. Should have a return to the game soon.

15. Krista: She is going home soon. Could be the most nondescript player in the game.

There you have it. Let me know who I have ranked too high. Also bash me for putting people too low. Lets hear it.

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