Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Please excuse me for the delay. I just got back from throwing up after seeing that disgusting challenge. Gross. Anyways lets stop wasting time and get right to it.

-Elyse gets blindsided tonight which was a very good move by Jim, Dawn, and Cochran. Ozzy totally screwed up by voicing his opinion of why he thought Albert should be voted out due to his strength and so Jim correctly took that as a threat and acted on it. Even though I started out by saying I couldnt stand Jim (which is still true), I have come to respect his game and how he thinks things out. He was willing to take a chance and go against the alliance in order to eliminate a major threat in the Ozzy-Elyse relationship and it worked out. Someone who takes that kind of risk gets props in my book. And this gives Cochran and Dawn new life in the game as they now have more room to maneuver.
-As far as Ozzy is concerned, he is now in big trouble and the saving grace for him is the fact he has the hidden immunity idol. The merge cant get to him soon enough though as he needs to hook up with the other group in order to save his game. By the looks of things the Savaii struggle in next week's challenge and if theyu lose he will lose the idol and than be at their mercy. Thats a lot of jumping ahead though so lets not go there yet. Still this is a major setback in his game and Coach clearly has the upper hand in their duel at this point.
-As far as Whitney and Keith are concerned, they totally punked out when it came to the vote. The fact that they threw their vote to Dawn as a means to not go against their bond with Ozzy so as not to lose his trust is ridiculous. Of course Ozzy will feel burned by them no matter who they voted for as they didnt vote for Elyse which was the bottom line. It was such a wimpy ass move that they look so stupid now for it. Whereas Jim looks good for making the stand, those two look weak for refusing to make the stand. I am so not impressed with Keith who for all his muscles crashed and burned in the strength challenge last week and now this. Weak.
-I said during week 1 that Cochran's edit reminds me of Fabio early on and we all know how that ended up. Its not the craziest thing in the world to think that he cant sneak through this game and win it in the end. Just saying.
-My God that challege. That was the single most disgusting challenge I have ever seen on Survivor and it actually made me long for the days of Gervase eating the larva beetles in Survivor 1. Just nasty all around. And how about the tribes biting the pieces out of each other's mouths? You have got to be kidding me. I hope to never see that again. And I guarantee you somewhere out there someone lost their dinner all over their carpet.
-Coach is rocking it folks. He now has possession of the hidden immunity idol and is the clear favorite to win with five episodes down the drain. He is really stepping up his game this time around and there is no way you can criticize his play so far. Good stuff.
-Albert made an interesting choice to share in the idol with Coach and Sophie. On the one hand it could offer him protection in case he gets in trouble and needs the other two to give it to him which I think they would do. On the other hand, its nice to have it as a hidden piece of strategy to play later on in the game. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
-Rick is this season's Purple Kelly. He is playing isnt he?
-The Redemption challenge was good and from the start it was easy to see that Christine would win. She thought through the strategy involved in it while Stacey just arrogantly went through the motions. So Christine has a nice little winning streak going on but unlike last season with Matt, I dont see it as a major force in the game at this point. I cant see her making a dent if she does come back into action.

Thats all for now folks. Check back for the bonus videos tomorrow along with the rankings which I am sorry for not updating this past week.


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