Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Since I wasnt around for most of the just completed season Survivor South Pacific, that doesnt mean I wasnt paying attention. Now that the show has wrapped, I wanted to share some random thoughts on it, especially with regards to Ozzy and Coach who of course were the two retunrees.

-First of all, Ozzy comes out of this smelling like roses as he clearly was the star of the season and was the slam dunk winner if he made the finale. Instead he came painfully close by losing the last challenge which no doubt was a bummer. As much of a blow as that was, Ozzy probably already got over it as he clearly lives his life with a care-free attitude that is infectious. His last chance at playing Survivor was an overall success as he continued to show he is without peer when it comes to winning challenges and he actually did well on the stratgic side as well. Nothing bad could be said about his game. Of course I thought we could be looking at a JT moment when he gave his idol to Cochrana and volunteered to go to Redemption Island but luckily it all worked out for him. He will be missed.

-As far as Coach is concerned, he did much better obviously this time round than in the disaster that was Heroes VS. Villains but he screwed up royally at the end. He should have kept either Brandon or Rick around and brought them to the finale and booted Sophie. He would have won the million dollars over Brandon, Rick, and Albert but of course he stayed with Sophie and he paid for it. By voting out Rick and Brandon, he poisoned the jury and made himself look bad. Simple as that. He had the storybook ending right in his hands until he ruined it at the very end with some terrible moves of which I am sure he will regret later on.

-In talking about Sophie, she was one of the more boring winners in Survivor history. It was a situation where the jury gave it to the lesser of three evils. Simple as that. Yes she won three immunity challenges which was nice but she did little else except get on the nerves of the other tribe members. She will quickly be forgotten as a past champion.

There you go. Thats all I wanted to say. The season was pretty boring until the end and other than Cochran, Ozzy, Brandon, and Coach, the cast was lame. Lets hope things will be a bit better in the terribly named Survivor One World but I am not holding my breath since it will be men versus women again which I abhore. Let me know what you think.

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