Wednesday, May 18, 2011


All right so the last two days I discussed who I thought had a good chance of being the returning players for the next season of Survivor Redemption Island and things have started to heat up as far as rumors are concerned. First of all, its still not known if the two returning players have even been contacted yet. Be that as it may, the rumor mill has been spinning and this is what I have been hearing.

-Phillip and Coach: This is a strong rumor that I am hearing in many corners. Coach has been a name that has been mentioned as far as Burnett and Probst wanting to give another shot to and Phillip obviously is coming off a tough season where he was ridiculed pretty much the entire time out there. These two have been two of the most polarizing players ever and not in a positive sense so it could be that they area the next two based on their need for redemption.

-Phillip and Matt: Phillip again being mentioned but this time with Matt. This one makes more sense to me as far as Matt not really getting a chance to play since he was kicked to Redemption Island twice. We saw how Bobby John and Stephenie were brought back soon after Palau where their tribe was the worst performing group ever and so they never really had a chance. Matt never really had a chance in Redemption Island so this could very well be possible.

-Marty and Jane/Brenda: There seems to be a solid sentiment of the two returning players being recent ones so as to relate more to those fans who got into Survivor later on in its run and Marty and Jane has battles on par with Rob and Russell in Nicaragua. I dont want to see this because Jane doesnt have the game that the other three guys I mentioned in this paragraph. Brenda on the other hand with Marty would be good in that both had big time game and were very strategic.

-Rob C/Jenna Morasca: The two Amazon foes could be getting ready to go at it again. I always thought Rob C was overdue to come back but I cant see Jenna since she has won already. Be that as it may, both were big time players who will bring credibility so there is that possibility.

So thats what I am hearing. I will pass along more as I hear it. Let me know what you think of these groups.


  1. why would they bring jenna back after she quit on allstars?

    i would also think that since it is "redemption island" they would bring back non - winners

    i would like to see one pre all stars returnee, and one pre micronesia returnee

  2. I have a feeling either Jenna, Ethan, or someone they are extremely close to will be coming back for season 23, based on some tweets that I have been seeing from Jenna.

    I think that the only "quitter" they would bring back is Jenna; she could handle the elements, it was just her mother being sick and she had a feeling that her mother needed her. I remember that after the episode where she left all stars that her mother died 8 days later...

    I would really like to see Rob Cesternino or Ethan Zohn come back personally, they are among my favourites :)