Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Episode 3 is here of Survivor South Pacific and so lets get right to the annoying wrapup and than the good old commentary.

Things start off at Redemption Island where Christine and Semhar meet. Christine seems shocked at her ouster and think it was Coach who had it out for her.

Back at Upolo, the tribe talks about what went down at TC. Mikayla and Coach talk about the situation as Brandon interrupts. He feels remorse about lying to knock out Mikayla.

The next day at Upolo, the tribe gets the tree mail about the upcoming Redemption duel. Two players of each tribe can go see the contest and Coach and Stacy get to go. We soon head to the challenge as Ozzy and Elyse join them from Savaii. Soon the duel is one and making a long challenge short, we see Christine outlast Semhar who is the first out.

After the duel back at Upolo, Brandon is sitting by the fire lamenting his decisions in the game. He felt ashamed at what he did when he lied. He than decided to tell the other about the Hantz tattoo as the others are shocked. He apologizes up and down and is ready to accept his consequences. Coach than takes a walk with Brandon and they discuss what went down. He also is starting to doubt his relationship with him in the game.

Over at Savaii things are better as Ozzy brings in some more fish. Mark soon realizes that there is a pecking order in the group and that he, Dawn, and Cochran are in trouble. Ozzy soon decides to align closely with Keith more so than the others in the alliance. He tells Keith he has the idol in order to tighten their bond. Keith than immediately tells this to Whitney. He does this in order to form a second bond with someone in case things break down with Ozzy.

Back at Upolo Mikayla and Brandon have a chat and she unloads on him some. They start to argue as they walk back to camp. He tells the rest her approach to him and calls her out in front of the tribe. No one says anything as the tribe starts to realize what a flake Brandon is. Mikayla and Brandon both start crying in confessionals after this conversation. We than find Coach and Sophie talking about what went down as he admits to seeing some Russell in him.

It is soon challenge time as the stakes are high in both tribes. Immunity is up for grabs and once again making a long challenge short, Upolo wins immunity. Coach was the MVP of the challenge as they bask in their win.

Back at Savaii the talk begins on who should go as Papa Bear is clearly in trouble. Ozzy surmises that its between Papa Bear and Cochran. The two of them know whats going on as they know whats coming. Meanwhile the big five alliance is aiming for Papa Bear and that seems to be the consensus as they will tell him they are voting Cochran. They do the opposite when telling Cochran what is up. Papa Bear seems doubtful of this as he questions Ozzy and the others why. He knows its him as he heads into the jugle looking for the idol. Elyse sees this and tells the others. They follow him in knowing he is looking for the idol. He ultimately cant find it and so he decides to make an idol to throw them off. Papa Bear tells Jim he found it as Cochran begins telling the others its an act. They head off to TC with that hanging in their heads but ultimately they wind up ousting Papa Bear.

All right lets get right to it and I mean the commentary.

-We start with the ouster and Papa Bear was the obvious choice all along no matter who Survivor tried to make it seem otherwise with their poor attempt at creating doubt regarding this. Papa Bear made a terrible act in trying to convince the others he had the idol but no one was buying it. Cochran gets a stay of execution but just for the time being. HOWEVER I will say this. I had the nagging feeling in my mind that Cochran does better than we think. Remember how in Nicaragua we thought that Fabio was going to be gone right off the bat and than he won? I am not saying Cochran will win but he could start slipping through the cracks and before you know it he is at the end of the game. Just saying. And judging by the previews for next week, its looking like Cochran is going to start making some moves. Anyway I thought it was a shame that Papa Bear was knocked out so early. I thought he would go a lot further than he did since he was a likable guy but he got caught in the dreaded numbers crunch. It just goes to show you how crucial it is to make that first day alliance of else you are finished. Now I do think he will do well on Redemption Island and I can totally see him coming back into the game after going on a Matt run.
-Jim is so freaking annoying. I cant wait to see this schmuck voted out of the game. He can go smoke the marajuana he sells and get the hell out of there. I cant see Ozzy staying with this clown for the duration of the game.
-Speaking of Ozzy, he made his first big mistake by telling Keith that he had the idol. About 2.5 seconds later Keith goes and tells Whitney that Ozzy has it as he tries to score points to get her in the sack. No seriously though that shows you that Keith cant be trusted and that Ozzy screwed up. Boston Rob was able to win Redemption Island by keepping the fact he found the idol secret all the way through the game. It was brilliant and was a huge reason why he won the game. Ozzy could have done the same but he now eliminated the element of surprise which is a bad development in is game.
-His counterpart Coach on the other hand is doing very well. He was a beast in the challenge and he seems to have a very firm spot in the tribe. Coach has always been a quietly good challenge performer and that just continues this season. I like his chances.
-This whole thing with Brandon is actually really sad. The guy has some serious issues and he should not be in this game. He is causing a ton of havoc and I cant see the group putting up with this much longer. Stacey has got to be pretty happy about this development.
-As far as the duel was concerned, it was predictable that Semhar would lose to Christine. Its good she is out so we can stop hearing her stupid poems. Coach cant be too happy with Christine still around but even if she miraculously came back into the game, I cant see her doing anything to hurt his game. She didnt make inroads with anyone other than Stacey before she was voted out of the game.

So there you have it. Let me know what you thought of the episode. I will post more as it comes into my head. Also the rankings and bonus videos will be posted tomorrow.

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