Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wrapup and commentary. You know the drill.

Things start off at Savaii as Elyse and Ozzy hang in the hammock. Jim notices this as he starts to grow concerned. He soon thinks that Elyse is the one that should go. He takes this plan to Cochran and hatches a plan to kick her out.

We than go overto Upolo as Brandon continues to fight himself and he soon talks with Mikayla and apologizes to her. She is not buying it though and is still down on him in the game. Eventually we see Edna and Brandon talking as he sweet talks her. He tells her about the core five alliance and apologizes to her as well. She feels hurt and annoyed about this.

Over at Savaii the tree mail comes in with bathing suits included. The Redemption Island dual is upon them as well as Cochran and Jim decide to go. We than see Dawn growing concerned about the young girls on the tribe and how she thinks her age is working against her. Jim meanwhile continues to try and work the tribe as he talks to Ozzy and Elyse about strategy. Soon Jim and Cochran leave as Ozzy talks out loud about how he talks too much strategy. Dawn thinks he is full of it however.

We than head over to the Redemption Island duel as Brandon and Edna join Jim and Cochran. Chistine and Papa Bear soon face off and making a long challenge short, we see Christine upset Papa Bear and stay in the game.

Back at Upolo, the tribe is sitting around drinking coffee as Edna continues to feel insecure about her place in the group. Stacey gets annoyed about her brownnosing and wants her out. Edna continues to go on and on as Makayla too grows annoyed.

At Savaii, Dawn tells Cochran about what took place when he was at the challenge. Cochran eventually realizes that he has to do some more work on trying to get Elyse out. She is receptive to it and the plan is starting to come into place.

The challenge soon arrives as the stakes get higher by the day. Eventually we find Savaii win a strength challenge as Dawn outlasts Stacey as the last remaining weight bearers. Savaii wins immunity and Upolo is heading to tribal council.

Back at Upolo, the talk begins on who is going. Stacey feels like she proved herself in the challenge as Coach congratulates those who took part. Edna soon talks to Stacey about whats going down and he doesnt offer much to her. Coach also later talks to Stacey as she tries to convince him that Edna should go. Stacey than decides to start trouble and create some paranoia by lying, starting with Brandon. It works as he starts to feel insecure. Brandon takes it to Coach and discusses what Stacey told him. Coach immediately tells him to stop it and not to buy her garbage as he sees through her ploy. Sophie seens this discussion and realizes that the core five is not solid. They soon go to TC and in the end we find Stacey voted out. She rebuffs a huge as she walks out from Coach.

All right lets get right to it.

-We start with the vote and there was no surprises there. Stacey is too volatile and has no allies on the tribe so she was expendable. It also guarantees that either she or Christine sees their game finished when they meet in Redemption Island. Coach was concerned about the two of them so this was a solid move on his part. Edna no doubt is annoying and struggles in challenges but she doesnt pose a threat to anyone. Yet another nice play by Coach.
-The Brandon Hantz show continued tonight as he apologized to everyone including the bugs that infiltrate their camp. Its hard for me to determine whether to feel sorry for the guy or to decide whether he is pulling a con that would put his uncle to shame. He contiues to be the story of the season and is a major scene stealer.
-Was very shocked to see Christine beat Papa Bear in the challenge. I didnt see that coming. She has a lot of spunk and deserves credit for going 2/2 through two challenges. Kudos. Its even money on whether she or Stacey wins the next duel.
-Jim and Cochran hatching a plan to oust Elyse is a solid one on the surface but trying to put a dent in Ozzy's game this early is not a good idea. Cochran is desperate so he should do what he can to stay around but Jim has no business doing this since he is in the core alliance. Not impressed with him to this point although he did very well in the challenge. He was stronger than I thought.
-Speaking of the strength challenge, first of all this is one of my favorite challenges since its always fun to see how strong these people are. Secondly, it usually is good drama whcih was the case here. Brandon did awesome and I cant believe that he and Jim have the record for the most weight. Not likely candidates thats for sure. And how about Dawn? Damn she was great and she totally has been unreal in the challenges the last two weeks. Her stock continues to shoot up and she really has come around from that tough beginning when it looked like she was going to be out. I was surprised that Coach or Ozzy didnt take part in the challenge since both are very physical but it was good nonetheless. Good stuff.
-Keith totally touched Whitney's butt when they go the new bathing suits. Good for him. Every guy watching that was jealous.

Thats all for now. Check back for more tomorrow like always.

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