Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Papa Bear heads off to Redemption Island for a duel with Christine as episode 4 of Survivor South Pacific kicks off tonight. With that in mind, lets update the rankings and determine where each player stands in the quest for the million dollars.

1. Ozzy: Ozzy moves back to the top spot due to the fact he has the hidden immunity idol and we all saw how well that worked out for Rob last season. Jim and Cochran are looking like they are trying to make a move on him but I dont think it will go anywhere.

2. Coach: Coach is playing a good game there is no doubt about it. Even if you are a big Coach critic (and there are many out there), you still got to give the guy props for actually playing a strategic game this time around. He continues to have teh respect of the remaining players on his team other than Stacey but the issue that could derail things for him is Brandon's flakiness.

3. Albert: Albert is a real live one to watch as he remains a big time physical threat and a likable character. Being in the Coach alliance also is a big plus. The rare big time athlete guy who is under the radar.

4. Keith: Keith seems sneaky to me as he already has gone behind Ozzy's back in revealing that he had the idol. Still Ozzy trusts him and it should take him far in the game.

5. Whitney: Whitney has formed a smaller alliance with Keith outside of the big five with Ozzy. She could play the Natalie White role this season and before you know it she is in the finals.

6. Sophie: She really has impressed me with her mind for the game. No one considers her a threat which is fine and she too seems to have Coach's ear.

7. Mikayla: She survived the last vote and that could launch her a bit in the game. She still has to get by the Brandon threat as he clearly has no use for her but her athleticism is a big asset.

8. Rick: Rick continues to him along as the rare older guy who sails through. He was a monster in the last immuntity challenge and his profession as a rancher is serving him well to this point.

9. Elyse: The second female in the Ozzy five alliance has done nothing to jeopardize her standing.

10. Edna: I ultimately think Coach will lose Brandon and pull Edna into the alliance. That will help her tremendously and could allow her to sneak through.

11. Dawn: She has rebounded well and was a plus in the last challenge so she has that going for her. Lets hop she stays around because she is a classy lady.

12. Brandon: He will either go very far or be out this week. He is a total basket case and it could hasten his departure.

13. Jim: I think Jim's act will wear thin real soon and if he is serious with making a move against Ozzy already, than he will be voted out quick. I wont shed a tear for the guy on his way out.

14. Stacey: The one to go when Upolo loses the next challenge. That is unless Brandon cant be tolerated anymore.

15. Cochran: I am noy buying the Cochran move on Ozzy. I think it will fail and I think Cochran soon will be out of there.

Thats how I see things. Let me know if you disagree. Also tune in after the episode for the wrapup and commentary.

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