Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The other day I looked at the men who might be brought back next seson for Survivor 23 which continues the Redemption Island theme. My best bets for the men are Rob C and Russell Swan but there very well could be two women this time around so lets take a look at who I think could be coming back.

Jenna Morasca: The last time we saw Jenna, she was voluntarily leaving All Stars due to the ongoing health struggles of her mom. She made the right choice as her mom died shortly thereafter. Yes she has already won the game but she is very close with Burnett and Probst and she would fit in a returning capacity against Rob C in a rematch from Amazon. Less likely would have her returning with boyfriend Ethan but you never know.

Brenda: I forgot to mention in the Men's edition about Marty and the thinking with that would be him coming back with Brenda who really were the only two strategic players in the terrible Nicaragua season. Brenda was a real player and those two would make perfect sense.

Cirie: She fits the moniker of a player who is great but yet who hasnt won the game. She always said she wouldnt come back unless she had a legitimate chance to win so I doubt its here but its also not out of the realm of possibility.

Sue Hawk/Kelly Wigglesworth: Would love to see this one as one of the greatest Survivor moments was seeing Hawk give it to Wigglesworth in that memorable first final TC. You know Hawk would be game to come back but Wigglesworth has been AWOL since.

Jane: Jane went at it hard against Marty in Nicaragua and that would be a fun twist having the two of them back as well. She was a very tough lady and has nothing to be shamed of in her performance there. Ultimately she didnt have the strategic aspect down pat to be a big threat to win the game.

Amanda Kimmel: She is still winless despite two trips to the final and like Rob, the quest to finally win would be a nice storyline. If you pair her with Cirie, it is looking like we could have something there.

So thats how I see it. Let me know if you think of other names.


  1. I'd LOVE to see Amanda Kimmel and Jenna Morasca come back. Parvati would be good since she was denied a win by the disgustingly vindictive jury that also denied Russel who (though a snake) shoud have won, letting the coat-tail riding Sandra win a second time. She won the first time for the same reason (a petty vindictive jury).

  2. I am getting a bit tired of Amanda. I just dont think she is that great. Jenna however would be nice to watch again as we never did get a follow up to her first win. Want to see how strategic she is this time around.