Saturday, September 24, 2011


Two down and many more to go. Lets take a look at how things stack up for this upcoming week in regards to who has the best chance to win the million bucks.

1. Ozzy: Ozzy remains in the top spot for the simple reason that his alliance and his tribe as a whole are more stable than what Coach is experiencing.

2. Coach: He has to shore up his alliance a little better as there are some worrisome cracks with Brandon being chief among them. He did get rid of Christine though which was the right move as it also neutralizes Stacy.

3. Albert: The guy is already under the radar and he seems to have the total package such as being nice and very athletic. One to watch.

4. Keith: Same deal with this guy who plays the Albert role on Savaii.

5. Sophie: I like how she thinks the game and she wont be getting the boot anytime soon due to her alliance.

6. Elyse: No threats in her way for quite awhile.

7. Mark: I am higher on him than most but I think he will go a lot farther than people think.

8. Whitney: The Souther belle has the hots and the under the radar game to hang around.

9. Rick: He is in tight with Coach but again I cant ever see him winning.

10. Edna: She will move up the further this goes along but already we have seen her game is weak like when she was caught in a lie the last episode dicsussing who would be voted off.

11. Mikayla: The word is out on her which is the reason for the big stumble in the rankings. It could be her or Brandon next in a showdown.

12. Jim: Jim is moving up due to his alliance with Ozzy and Keith but he will be booted as soon as they dont need him anymore or if he pops off again.

13. Dawn: She has rallied and is now being very quiet which is good.

14. Brandon: This guy is a psychiatrists dream. Some major stuff going on in that noggin of his. Coach could soon realize he is not worth the trouble.

15. Stacey: Has no leg to stand on now that Christine is booted.

16. Cochran: Got a small reprieve with the win last week. Not long for the game I believe.

17. Christine: Should beat Semhar in the challenge.

18. Semhar. See you chick.

Thats how I see it for now. Let me know what you think.

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