Friday, August 19, 2011


I know this is a bit of old news but I didnt hear of this until now. Anyway apparently "Sugar" Jessica Kiper of Survivor Heroes VS. Villains was so distraught over being the first person voted off the show that she attempted suicide. Sugar joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab where she revealed "Ever since the second time I did Survivor, I’ve been on a downward spiral,” she said at one point during the episode." She went on to say that she "was drunk and I was going to take a lot of pills and I woke up with IVs in my arm, and they were flying me to Australia from Samoa." She also revealed during rehab that she hadnt gone a day without smoking weed since he was 15 except when she was on the show. She also was on cocaine, ecstatsy, and a bunch of other opiates.

Wow! Talk about a messed up chick. Heroes VS. Villains was double horrible for her since she was the first person voted off, got turned down by Colby on camera, and was lied to by JT before taping so that she would have sex with him about an alliance he never intended to do once out there. Also I always found it odd that she was always crying about something. Here's to hoping she gets herself straight and doesnt end up like Jeff Conway as a failed Celberity Rehab patient.

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