Monday, September 19, 2011


Its always hard doing Survivor rankings after only one episode but some themes are already started to form. So without further delay, here is how I currently see things stacking up.

1. Ozzy: Again this is not easy after only one week as far as forming rankings but Ozzy takes the top spot due to his likeability in his own tribe and the lack of power players coming after him. He wont face any issues until a merge at the very least.

2. Coach: Yes this is rareified air for Coach but so far so good for the Dragon Slayer as he made the all important first day alliance. The fact its with 5 people makes it even more impressive for Coach. Maybe he did learn something.

3. Mikayla: She is the female to watch as she doesnt fool around and is a big time challenge performer. Could be one of those female Survivor stars in the making.

4. Sophie: I love how she already has Brandon figured out such as the fact he is possibly hiding something. This is always a good sign when it comes to longevity and so there you go.

5. Mark: Yes he is older but something tells me he will be a big time player. His edit looks good so far and the Papa Bear thing means he has the respect of his tribe.

6. Albert: The guy performed like Hercules in the challege and he is in the Big Five alliance.

7. Keith: The pretty boy strong guy is someone who is always a threat.

8. Brandon: He is a Hantz and so he has to be watched. Once the tribe figures out he is Hantz could be trouble though.

9. Rick: Another Big Five alliance member. I cant see him winning though.

10. Elyse: She seems to have her stuff together and is an independent sort.

11. Whitney: She is the hot Southern Belle of the season. Lets hope she sticks around for the fact she is eye candy.

12. Stacey: Seems obnoxious but she also seems friendly with Coach. All or nothing.

13. Edna: She bonded with Coach on Day one and here is that.

14. Jim: No one seems to like him and the jerk of the season will get tiresome real soon.

15. Dawn: I am glad she rallied because I like her. Yes she is from Long Island. I cant hide it.

16. Christine: Everyone is already onto her since she has been looking for the idol and has challeged coach.

17. Cochran: The biggest nerd in Survivor history will be lucky to see another week or so.

18. Semhar: Whoevere goes to Redemption Island should detroy her. Unless its Cochran.

So there you have it. Lets hear what you think.

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