Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Lets get the annoying recap out of the way so we can get to what you waited all week for which is the commentary that four out of five moms approve.

Things start out at Redemption Island as Semhar tries to make camp. She is visibly upset and tries to make the best of it. She twirls a poem in talking about her situation in the game.

Back at Savaii that night, Cochran thanks the group for keeping him around. He reiterates how he wants to help out and do better. Ozzy also talks with Keith about strategy and how it would be a good idea to keep Jim around.

The next day at Upolu, Coach talks about how he felt bad vibes from the girls as he talks to Edna. He feels like he has a second chance though and feels happy about his alliance. They also discuss the immunity idol and how they believe someone has found it, specifically Stacy or Christine who seems close to each other. Soon another pact is hatched between the two.

Over at Savaii, Cochran is hard at work cutting coconuts and other things around camp. Ozzy than heads down to the beach and at the same time is looking for the idol. Eventually he sees the idol buried in the tree as he exults in his good fortune.

Over at Upolo we see Brandon and Coach talking and the former is very respectful of him. Brandon eventually feels guily about lying to Coach and he soon tells him everything. Coach does feel nervous about this and tells Brandon he doesnt want to be made a fool twice. Brandon though claims he will not do him wrong. Coach eventually believs in his word as they pray together.

Over at Savaii, the fishing begins as a fishing trip commences with Jim, Ozzy, and Keith. Jim starts plotting already and wants to have an alliance with the two guys and Whitney and Elise. The plan is to oust Chochran, Dawn, and Papa Bear.

At Upolo, they too decide to go fishing. Makayla speaks about how she plays professional pro football and how she is a tomboy. Brandon though doesnt like her and doesnt feel comfortable around her. He vows to get her out of the game and that she wont stand in his way for the dough. Meanwhile Christine is back to searching for the idol and the rest of the tribe think she has it. Christine eventually does find the clue and she continues to look for it.

The challenge soon beckons as immunity is at stake. As always making a long challenge short, Savaii wins immuntity as they come from behind to take it. Upolo is headed to tribal council to send someone else to Redemption Island.

Back at Upolo camp, talk begins on who should go. Coach thinks they should split the votes 3 on Stacy and 3 on Christine in order to flush out the idol if they have indeed found it. Brandon and Coach soon start talking as he tells her he wants Makayla to go. Coach is a bit disturbed by this and doesnt want to do this. The rest of the alliance is out off by this also. Christine sees the group talking and Makayla comes to which Coach asks for privacy. Makayla is totally surprised by this and Edna soon gets into trouble with Christine as she gets caught in a lie about who they are voting out. Things start to break down overall and its all over the place as they go to council. Soon however the verdict is in and we learn that the tribe has decided to can Christine.

So there you have it. Definately a good tribal council tonight. First off, Christine was the obvious choice there. She literally did EVERYTHING wrong from Day in this game. In reality, if there were a manual on how not to play Survivor, she would have written it. She starts off by challenging Coach in front of everyone. Than she immediately goes to work looking for the hidden immunity idol which is as quick a death sentence as you can get in this game. She also had a rotten attitude that never plays well. So yeah she sucked and good riddance. She could beat Semhar in the challenge but she wont be long on Redemption Island.
-As far as the fallout from the vote, Stacy is looking like she is next in line as she doesnt have a leg to stand on now that Christine is out. Also on a related front, Brandon made himself look foolish by owning up to a lie in front of everybody. This guy is just a mess right now. Coach is absolutely right in that he is wrestling with some demons inside. The thing with Makayla is downright weird. He is feeling like he cant trust himself around her? Downright nonsensical. Coach has got to be having second thoughts on having an alliance with him and thats even before learning he is a Hantz.
-Speaking of the Hantz thing, it was a priceless look on Coach's face when he learned about this. If I were Coach, I would have immediately gone back to camp and tried to figure out a way to get out of his deal with him. Of course he might have already set in motion that venture with his relationship with Edna. Maybe I am giving Coach too much credit but hacing Edna on the side is a brilliant move so that he can easily cut Brandon loose and pull her in his place if things continue to get weird. We are headed down that road I think.
-Yeah by the looks of things it seems like Brandon is going to continue wreaking havoc like his uncle did. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. This guy is going to be a big problem for Coach. Lets hope he works his way out of it.
-Ozzy is totally reminding you of Boston Rob. Admit it. The way he just found the idol right off the bat and seems in total control. He makes an alliance with Keith and than a bigger alliance with weirdo Jim, Whitney, and Elise. The similarities are eerie.
-Jim continues to annoy me. He is way too overconfident and I just cant see Ozzy and Keith wanting to keep an alliance with that loose cannon throughout the remainder of this.
-Edna has a scary resemblance to Shii-Ann. They are like twins.
-Rick and Whitney have had the least air time of anyone to this point. They must be around for awhile.

Thats all for now folks. Post your throughts below please. Lets hear what you have to say. As usual more will come tomorrow. Check back as always.

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