Monday, September 6, 2010


Heard some rumors over my vacation that two prominent former players were possibly getting back into action, namely former Australia winner Tina Wesson and Survivor Africa and All Stars vet Lex Vandenburg. The talk is that they both might be involved somehow with S22 when Rob and Russell go do battle. This would be interetsing and make some sense in the fact that Lex hates Rob almost as much as Russell does after he got royally scrwed over in All Stars after he protected Amber. As far as Tina is concerned, I think she is deserving of a third run as a former winner. Was surprised she wasnt in H VS H but I think its because its tough to categorize her as a hero or a villain.

What could be happening here is that Mark Burnett is trying to include some old veteran players that have had run-ins with Russell and Rob and thus set the stage for the battle. Lex obviously would side with Russell due to the fact I am sure he is itching to get back at him for All Stars. Tina doesnt have ties to either so I dont know what to make of her.

Thinking about this further what other former players could fit this mold????

What about Jaison from S19 who we know hates Russell after he got the wool pulled over him by The Evil One.

Jerri Manthey anyone???? Yes it would be major overkill to have her on a fourth time but she has game and she has a bone to pick with Russell.

Natalie White? Russell has been unrelenting in his digs at her for winning S19 so this could be her chance to get back at him in the game.

Rupert???? You know he would love to shove it up Russell ass after confronting him in H VS V???

Kathy O'Brien???? This is interesting because Kathy felt really burned and upset with Rob after the Lex incident in All Stars so this is possible.

And my personal favorite who SHOULD be there is Rob Cesternino. Can you imagine Russell and Rob C in cahoots together? Must see Survivor TV and you know it would happen.

What do you all think? Did I miss anyone? Do you think this is likely?

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