Friday, September 17, 2010


Bonus scenes are all viewed. Lets get to the relevant tidbits.

-Tyrone admits he is not thinking anything about alliances yet although he did allow that he is thinking about who is trustworthy moving forward. The bugs must be murder there because during the whole cofessional, he was swatting them away with both hands.

-Benry is shown for the first time talking about how he made a quick friendship with Jud (A.K.A. Fabio) and made note that they have a trust or an understanding between the two. Benry wouldnt call it an alliance but he did say he wants to keep him around a bit due to the fact he is not threatened by him at all. No doubt Jud is on the short lists of the longest shots to win the game.

-We than get an explanation from Jane about how she made the fire. It turns out she took a coconust and used the fillings inside to serve as kinling and than she used her glasses to get the sun rays to light it up. She also showed off more of her craftiness by confessing she found a turtle shell on the beach which she used to cover the fire during the rainstorm that night. I really like her. She seems like she is one of the more outdoorsy women in Survivor history and she is easy to root for due to her down at home persona and the fact she is doing this in memory of her husband.

-Brenda is up next and she talks about how she wanted to cry so many times when they first got to Nicaragua. She than begins to cry again during the confessional as she talks about her family and how she worked so hard to get there. She goes into talking about the medallion of power and how she didnt even think about getting it. She feels like she proved herself and also felt like she was huge for her tribe. Finally she admitted she wanted the flint and fishing gear instead of the medallion and was so happy the tribe decided to go that way.

-immy Johnson admits that he is very uncomfortable around strangers and that he told about how his wife said he hates nothing more than making small talk with strangers which he notes is ironic about him coming on the show. He also discussed how the tribe is no longer strangers to each other as they went through hell and back that first night.

-Next we see Jud talk for two minutes of his admiration for Kelly B. He actually spoke pretty intelligently here so maybe the whole Fabio thing is a bit over the top. Either way he had really nice things to say about her and how he knew something was different early one when he boosted her up a tree when they were working on the shelter and when he felt her leg when they slept next to each other that night.

-Jimmy T spoke about how two days in he is filthy and tired and how the game is already kicking his ass. He admitted that he surprisingly was not very hungry despite having a small helping of rice that he said tasted awful. He was going to make a point though of getting his share next time so that he can keep his strength up.

-We are also shown a secret scene at the LeFlor camp where all the youngins decide to go for a swim. Brenda discusses how uncomfortable she was in stripping down to her underweart but they all do it and jumo in. Sash had a very scary pair of some sort of yellow speedo. Yuck. Alina spoke about how she enjoyed being on the younger tribe since they are more adaptable in their ways whereas the older people are too rigid.

-Eve talks about how upsetting it was to lose the first immunity challenge and talks about how awful and cheesy the chant the youngins did when they walked in. She said she felt embaressed for them and that it didnt work. Finally she said she was happy they kept the medallion and that one bucket of water wouldnt have made much of a difference. Even though I said this was probably the ugliest cast I have seen in Survivor as far as the women are concerned, Eve is definately cute for her age.

-Shannon talks about how he feels he should be on the other tribe because he is an old 30 as he has been married since he was 19. He talks about himself as being the old wise leader. He also talks about how he and Chase are the alpha-males because they are the strongest and how its easier to be allies than enemies. He did throw in that he thinks Chase couldnt beat him in anything physical and that at the merge they will go their separate ways and its every man for himself. So lets recap this. Shannon basically bragged about himself four different times in this snippet. This guy is too much and I hate him more than anyone here. I hope he gets his ass handed to him. Unfortunately I did he has serious game and could be around for awhile since he is so strong. The arrogance is incredible though.

-NaOnka goes into a speil about how she loved the way Russell Hantz played the game and that she is prepared to mimick his play by stabbing people in the back. She claims she is not doing this for the money but for the adventure and believes her downfall would be swimming. She cant hold her breath long and is more of a jumper. This chick looks like she is going to cause fireworks as the previews for next week's show attests. Unless she has an alliance that will be revealed next week, I woould think her act would grow tiresome real quick and she will go.

-We than see our last look at Wendy Jo as a bonus scene portrays the tribe gathering up drinking water and her complaining about sand in it and how it is bad to drink. We than are taken to dinner time at camp as everyone starts eating rice and Eve complains that Wendy Jo is being too formal by complaining about the sand and dirt and everything else.

-Jill talks about how she reacted to the tribe division by age and felt all right about the makeup of the tribe. She feels the men are studs and believes there is a great deal of talent and experience. The women she talks about in nice terms and how she thinks they are awesome.

So there you have it. Will post these every Thursday so be sure to keep checking in.

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