Monday, September 27, 2010


-The first secret scene shows Jimmy Johnson of the Espada tribe fishing alone with the new gear they won at the challege. Johnson catches a bunch of small fish and shrimp and it looks like the tribe will eat well that night. Johnson is an avowed fisherman back home and when the football season is over, is known to be out on the water 5 days a week.

-We than are given a hidden immunity idol update by Alina at the LeFlor tribe as she discusses how she and Kelly B are not having any luck finding it. She admits she is also looking on her own and wearing her boots in case she finds it so that she can stuff it in there and no one will see. She does talk about how she has bonded with her and they are friends. She also mentiones being in an alliance with her. Interesting as in the beginning Alina spoke about how she was not happy Kelly B saw the idol clue and how she is not good to align with due to her disability making her a likable person to win the game.

-Kelly B herself is up next as she discusses how no one wanted to sit out the immunity challenge and she felt she had to prove herself. She talked about how happy she was with her performance in the tribe but is unhappy with the outcome. She predicts that the TC they are going to will divide the tribe but she feels good going in. She talks about her alliance with Shannon, Alina, Chase, Benry, and Fabio. They call themselves the Strong Six. She acknowledges Shannon's name is on the table anad admits he does need to go soon but not now. Finally she talks about how if Shannon does go than she will be in trouble.

-We then see Jimmy T discuss the day's challenge and how he shined. He urged the tribe to keep the medallion of power again but was overruled. He also talked about how he wanted the tarp over the fishing gear but didnt speak up too much so that he didnt put a target on himself. He than points out about how Tyrone is trying to step up and be the leader but how he didnt do great in the challenges. Surprisingly he says he likes Tyrone a lot and I say surprising because they seemed to have a disagreement last week. Finally Jimmy T shows his arrogant side by saying he thinks he is a star of the tribe along with Marty. Please. This guy is a loose cannon for sure and I just cant see anyone wanting to align with him.

-The drab monotone Marty gets his chance to talk as he believes the tribe was comfortable about the first boot and how is already plotting things out. He points out how Jimmy Johnson talked about how he felt he wont win and that he can help others get to the final but Marty is not buying it in his words. He than goes on to say how it would be a bad idea to let Jimmy J go to the merge and how the young people would be smitten with him and thus turn the tides of the game. The most shocking aspect of his talk was how he felt Dan should go next as Jane is doing too much around camp to boot. This was interesting to me because Dan and Marty seemed like they were friends in the last episode but the day of this particular confessional was Day 4 and before they went looking for the idol together.

-Holly discusses Dan's reaction to burying his shoes and points out how he told her he wont fogive her. Holly however believes he will forgive her because he is a guy whatever that means. She also later told him she couldnt find the shoes and he just nodded. As far as the confession was concerned, she feels good for coming clean and would be ok to be voted out now that she has a clear conscience. The culprit for her actions was her exhaustion but she felt better after napping and eating. Eve apparently told her she just had to get over the hump which gets Holly to cry on camera about missing her family. She feels good for not quitting and thinks her swim team and family will be proud of her for sticking it out. At this point she feels much better for staying.

-Jud gives his speil on how they came out of the gates strong and how they are eating. He compares the team to high school about how people talk behind each other's backs and is concerned that there is a group of people doing this. The strategy talk has begun in the tribe and there are clicques in the group. He is trying to not snap at anyone so that he doesnt do anything in front of the tribe to make himself look bad. Focus is a problem for him since he is so tired and hungry. The shelter is also really uncomfortable as they all wake up with back pain. It also is small so that they barely all fit in it.

-Back to the Espada tribe as Jill discusses how the challenge couldnt have gone any better. It was the appropriate time to play the medallion due to the combined reward and immunity prize. She noted that beforehand they talked about how the tarp is what they needed due to the rain but at the last minute she spoke up for the fishing gear due to her starvation.

-Pink Kelly makes a rare appearance about how she thinks the tribe is overconfident after their first win. She thinks its childish that people are running off in discussion and how everyone is so on edge because of it. She admits though that she is playing the game and that everyone is talking about who they want off the tribe.

-Chase is the last video as he talks about how the tribe has had no luck yet with fish. He is casting a line out there but nothing. He feels sluggish and think the game is a mind game.

So nothing major there but a few tidbits worth monitoring, especially Marty's assertion about Jimmy Johnson.

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