Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wow that one hurt me to the core. My man Jimmy Johnson is out after the team ganged up on him at TC. Very sad.

As usual the wrapup first and than my Pulitzer Prize winning opinions ;).

Things start out back at the LeFlor tribe after TC as they all talk about how they made the right choice getting rid of Shannon. NaOnka calls them out in a confessional about how the tribe is acting fake and acknowledges how they are a team in chaos. She notes that Jud, Alina, and Kelly B are on the outs due to their pact with Shannon and thinks they are grasping at straws to stay around.

The next day begins with the Espada tribe looking for food in the jungle. Jimmy T spots a dozen monkeys in the trees and Jimmy J tries communicating with them. Eve admits she is star struck with him and that he is very inspiring to her. Marty continues to talk about how he dislikes having Jimmy J on the team due to his celebrity. Holly catches some fish at the same time as Marty goes on to say how it could be a disaster if Jimmy J makes the merge. He talks to Jill about it who tries to calm him down and also wants to show the idol to the others.

Back at LeFlor the tribe works on getting the fire started as Jud takes in a mouthful of smoke and admits to using humor as a strategy to stay in the game. NaOnka on the other hand talks about how she still dislikes him and continues to make fun of him.

We than go back to the Espada tribe as Marty takes out the hidden idol and shows it to the tribe. Both Jimmy T and Jill note than Marty did a good thing and that he looks great now to the tribe. Tyrone on the other hand thinks Marty is shady and is leery of him going forward. Despite all of this, Marty maintains that he will still be the sole user of the idol.

We continue to stay at the Espada camp as Dan talks about how miserable things are getting and talks about how he might be seen as the weak link. He admits to a bum knee and he seems to be moving very slow at camp which Eve notices.

Back at LeFlor a summit is held between Brenda, Chase, Sash, Purple Kelly, and NaOnka
as they discuss who they feel is next to go. Purple Kelly thinks Alina is more dangerous and that it will say a lot when they kick her off. We than are taken right to the challenge as the Espada seem shocked that Shannon is out. Probst talks about how the tribe will have to go out into a field and collect 10 colored barrels. Once that is done, they must arrange them on individual platforms and one person at a time will toss sandbags on top of each barrel. Tribe that gets a sandbag on all 10 barrels wins immunity. A reward is also at stake and the prize is a Survivor garden. The LeFlor tribe decides to not use the medallion of power as Benry notes they are confident they can win. Thus Jimmy Johnson sorts out who will do what as he continues his leadership.

The challenge begins as both tribes are neck and neck putting the barrels in their spots. Dan is really struggling for Espada as they fall behind. LeFlor gets on board first with Espada quickly behind. Tyrone takes control for Espada as he gets hot with hiotting the barrels. Tyrone is a man possessed as he continues to hit as LeFlor struggles. Benry soon gets hot as he closes the gap as Tyrone starts to get cold. Soon Benry loses the challenge as he cant hit any. Jimmmy T calls to go in as Tyrone rebuffs him. Jimmy Johnson wants Jimmy J wants to switch it up. It is a futile attempt as Benry finishes off Espada by getting the last sandbag to land. Once the challenge was over, Kelly B spots the hidden immunity clue in the bag of fruit as NaOnka also sees it. She plans to make a play for it as soon as they reach camp.

Back at LeFlor NaOnka and Kelly B literally start fighting for the clue as NaOnka grabs it to the shock of the rest of the tribe. The food got damaged in the process as NaOnka walks away. NaOnka continues with her hate talk as she claims she would push her over again and knock her leg off. (Sigh) Later NaOnka shows the clue to Brenda

We than go to Espada as Jimmy T claims he is not being allowed to use his talent which was a clear knock on Tyrone. Marty intervenes as he somwewhat calls out Tyrone also. Jimmy T than talks directly to Tyrone as the latter begins to get agitated. Jimmy Johnson than gets annoyed at Tyrone for his explanation.

We stay with Espada as Jimmy J and Marty start talking about who to vote out. They talk about Dan being somewhat of a weak link as Marty continues to bad mouth Jimmy J in a confessional. His plan is to vote him out so the tribe depends on him. He tells this to Jill who seems to not care who goes. Jill is not entirely sold on getting out Jimmy J as she prefers Dan in her confessional. She refers to Marty as the puppet master. Marty goes on to tell the plan to Dan who is all for it. Finally Jimmy tells Marty he is good with the plan. Marty is almost bursting at the seams with joy over blindsiding him.

Holly and Jane start their own debate about who goes as Holly admits she feels vulnerable. Jane thinks Dan should go and Holly tells her she will get her back as long as she has her. Meanwhile Jimmy J is fishing with Eve and tells Holly and Jane also he thinks he is leaving. Finally Marty tells Tyrone to vote out Jimmy J and he quickly disagrees saying he is thinking of someone else. He admits he doesnt like Marty and is not down with the plan. So at this point its either Dan or Jimmy J.

At TC, Jimmy T once again talks about how he was not being utilized and is frustrated by it. Jill than says that Jimmy J is in fact the leader. Jimmy T goes on to say that he hasnt had the chance to talk with Jimmy J which is much to the dismay of Probst. Finally the spotlight finds Dan as the tribe makes note of his knee issues and how he doesnt do much at camp. Probst than goes around and asks each tribe member if they think they are a weak player. The all say no with the exception of Jimmy J who admits he is one of the two weakest in the tribe. It is now voting time as a unanimous one takes place as Jimmy Johnson gets sent home.

Now without further wait....the opinions:

-Props to Jimmy Johnson for giving it a go and putting in a nice effort. No doubt he was really upset to leave the game. You could see it on his face. I now really, really, really dislike Marty for a number of reasons but his plan to ouster Jimmy being the biggest. I think with Jimmy Johnson going it really takes something out of the show. I really dont share in Marty's idea that he was a huge threat at the merge. Jimmy Johnson would have stayed loyal to the tribe without a doubt. He would never turn his back on his team as those were his players that he coached. Not a chance in hell. It was nice having you here Jimmy J.
-I think there is no doubt that the tribes being split by age hurt Jimmy J more than anything. Being on a tribe of all older people, he was an easy target to kick out due to the thought that he was the weakest due to his age. If he were in a mixed tribe, he would stand a better chance as the young people would be drawn to him due to his celebrity and also because he would be looked at as a father figure. He would have gone much further in that setup. What a shame.
-As far as Marty is concerned, you can tell already that he is a control freak and is playing the game every second of every day. Yes he is playing well but his obsession with Jimmy Johnson was just pointless. Dan or Holly should have been sent home without a doubt. If anyone would turn on the tribe at a merge, Holly would be the one for sure. Yes Marty is smart but he blew it here. Wouldnt you trust Jimmy J more than Holly at a merge? There is not doubt Jimmy J should have stayed. Marty is definately the power player in the entire game period but I dont like him one bit.
-I was very disappointed in Dan. He got old overnight it seemed and I was hoping to see a big role for him which is not happening right now. I was looking for a good old fashioned Italian mafioso explosion on someone. He doesnt seem like he has a shot.
-Tyrone is getting to be too much to take. He has to chill out as he radiates intensity. I love how he doesnt bow down to Marty though but he has to make a move of his own in response to Marty which hasnt happened yet.
-Jimmy T is annoying as hell. He is way too into himself and its not warranted. No one takes him seriously though from the tribe so thats good to see.
-Jill is going to shoot down my rankings list this week. She is acting like a total pushover and defers way too much to Marty. He is carrying her around on a string and she is doing everything he says. She needs to get a backbone.
-I cant believe Holly is still in this game after what she did last week. I dont think I ever saw someone do something as stupid as what she did and not get voted out during the next tribal council.
-Jane is sweet as hell and has a great heart. Go far please.
-Now let me get to NaOnka. I will reiterate what I said last week and that is that I cant believe this girl is a teacher. How could her school principal watch her act and hear her talk about Kelly B's disability in disrespectful terms and not be bothered by it. She is so offensive its sickening. First we had Shannon and his remarks to Sash and now this with NaOnka. Clearly the maturity level is in the dumps with this tribe. Her act when going for the idol clue was a joke and made her look foolish. What even more crazy however is the fact that Sash and Brenda seem tight with her and want to have an alliance with her. Someone this unstable with her emotions is a poor choice to hang with. Eventually people might associate you with her behavior and it could cost you down the road like it did with Parvati in Heroes VS. Villains due to her alliance with the despised Russell. Now we see that next week could be more of the same as she continues to talk about Kelly B and her disability in terrible terms. Someone has to shut her ass up or at least stand up to her. It seems like everyone is afraid of her and wont do anything to stop her behavior. Ridiculous.
-Purple Kelly???? I think she was seen twice this time instead of once last week. She is too hot not to show more than a few times.
-You heard it here first last week and I will repeat for good measure: Benry is on my short list to win it all. Nice guy, athletic, low key.....all the ingredients are there for him to make big noise in the game. If I had to bet on one person with all my money to win it would be him for sure.
-Kelly B needs to featured more. Her story is awesome.
-Fabio is funny as hell but he gives off the impression of being a wimp.
-Yeah Alina and Kelly B are in huge trouble. Both will drop big time in the rankings this week. Its immunity idol or bust for each unless the game it switched up.
-If the young tribe wins again next week, I think there would be a tribe switch coming. I cant see Mark Burnett and company keeping the tribes like this out of respect to the older tribe. They wont let them get run over as it will be bad for the show.
-I have to say that it was a good idea for the LeFlor's to keep the medallion of power. Two barrels being automatically set up was not enough of a difference to make it worth using. You saw how fast both tribes got them up. They have the hammer on the game now and things might get worse for Espada.
-Chase not getting any facea time lately. He is probably has nothing to say since all of his concentration is on Brenda's body. Yeah its a nice bod but the face is not worth a second glance.

All right thats all I got for now. As always I will post more when I think of other tidbits and I will also post the secret scenes wrapup in the next day or so. Be sure to leave comments so we can get a dialogue going on tonight's show. Let me know what I left out or what you agree or disagree with. Peace! Hope to hear from you.


  1. I'm sure Mark Burnett's reaction was "NOOOOOOOOO!"

    Jimmy J brought a lot of viewers back to Survivor this year, and likely a lot of ad money too. Too soon, but the game does go on. Nice blog!

  2. yeah no doubt Jimmy Johnson leaving was a sad thing to see.....I really dislike Marty even more now. it looks like Alina's first impression of him and how he annoyed her without even talking to her spoke volumes.