Saturday, September 25, 2010


So allowing an extra week to more adequately break down the chance of each remaining contestant in the game, here is the first look at the Survivor Nicaragua tribe rankings from 18 being no chance to win all the up to number 1 who is the current favorite to win in one person's humble opinion.

1. Marty Piombo: Marty already has the hidden immunity idol that he claims he will share with Jill and beyond that, he seems like a very cunning, smart gamae player. Right now its his game to lose.

2. Jill Behm: Like Marty, Jill co-owns the hidden immunity idol and seems like she has a good game plan for getting to the latter stages. She seeems tough and also likeable which is always a nice winning combination.

3. Benry: Like I said before, I think Benry is quietly a big threat and he has the look of someone who doesnt get face time early on but is there at the end. Young, strong, athletic, and so far a nice guy. Keep an eye on him.

4. Jane: I think Jane is very equipped to win the game if she can survive the early rounds where the weak get targeted. She earned a great deal fo cred when she started the fire the first episode and she seems very likable which always helps to go deep into the game.

5. Kelly B: Where there is a will there is a way. I dont buy this lets get rid of Kelly B because she is crippled. I think there are other fish to fry for now and she also has the clue with Alina about where the hidden idol is. Thats a hueg advantage at this point of the game and you know if she gets to the end that she will win. I am rooting for her.

6. Tyrone: Tyrone looks like a badass dude you dont want to mess with. Very strong for his age and intense, the only thing he has to worry about is keeping his temper in check.

7. Dan: Dan is tight with Marty and Jill so that could be a three person alliance that can go far together. Always nice to be close with those who possess the idol. I want to see him go on a mobster rant at someone where he threatens to make someone disappear.

8. Brenda: This chick has a plan and she wont be stopped. Her move to get rid of Shannon was brilliant but she might tick off too many people to ultimately move to the end of the game. Still if it all comes together, she can take it all.

9. Alina: I only have Alina this high due to her knowledge of the hidden immunity idol. She doesnt wow me other than with her looks so for now she will tread water until she makes a big game play.

10. Sash: This guy is intriguing to me but also annoying with his try to get all the minorities to the end bit. His concern should be to get the right people to the end with him and not base it on race. Still for now he seems pretty secure.

11. Chase: Yes he made it through with Brenda but I think she is using him and will cut him loose whenever she gets the opportunity. Chase hasnt shown me that he has any clue about how to win the game and so thats why he gets the low ranking.

12. Yve: Yve is the type who can be this year's Suzie where she hangs in the background and makes it to the end because she doesnt piss anyone off. I like her but she has to get through the pre-merge game before she moves up. A live long shot.

13. Jimmy Johnson: I think Jimmy will get picked off before the merge as much as I hate to say it. The fact of the matter is that he is probably the weakest physical player on is team BUT if he does make the merge, than he will shoot up these rankings.

14. Kelly S: Kelly S is just a hot body right now taking up space. She will make the merge due to her low key play so far but there is no way I can ever see her ending up the winner.

15. Jimmy T: Jimmy T is way too much of a hothead to go far as he already has had a few blow ups. The bad attitude will wear thin and no one seems to be close with him so far in the game.

16. Jud: I think Jud is great but lest face it. The guy has no brains and really is just a prop in the game more than anything.

17. Holly: What a nutcase she is. She is the next to go for sure if the oldies lose.

18. NaOnka: Ditto here. She will go next if the youngins lose. Has no class.

So lets hear some disagreements. I am sure we all have way different versions of this. Who should be higher? Or lower? Lets get some discussion going here as long as you keep it clean.

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