Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So yeah Survivor starts tomorrow at 8PM ET on CBS and already it just doesnt feel right with it not being on Thursday anymore. Be that as it may, I am definately looking forward to the season as I am sure you are all also. And I also hope you all didnt go out looking for spoilers like everyone and their mother did (not me however....not my idea of fun spoiling an entire season of a show in 15 seconds) for Heroes VS Villains. I do hear through the grapevine that the famous spoilers from the last few seasons are at it again but I stopped the informant from giving me any mroe info than that. Anyways I am rooting hard for my man Jimmy Johnson....he of the former NFL multiple Super Bowl winning head coach. I think it will be a real hoot when the other contestants see him for the first time and realize he is playing with them. I also am curious to see if the old coaching habits come into play here. If his team is smart they will listen to what he has to say because the man was a hell of a coach and he obviously knows how to motivate people to do well in life.

And with all thats going on with this upcoming season, you also get the feeling that this is just setting the stage for the good stuff come January when our old friends Boston Rob and Russell go at it in their measuring stick battle of egos. Whats strange about all of this is the fact that other than this main bit of info, very little has come out or been leaked out regarding the rest of the setup and other cast members. Yes I dont like to know boot spoilers but I do like to know the cast before it starts, especially if it is former players. I have heard so many different names thrown about as far as former players joining in such as Tina Wesson, Lex Van Den Burg, Richard Hatch etc. I like the idea of bringing Lex Back because Rob screwed him so bad there but I dont know where the others would fit. Than you have the tidbit that said Rob and Russell would be immune to the merge which is a hard concept to swallow since it ruins the fairness of the game. My thinking I guess...and this would make sense....is that if Rob or Russell get the final with someone else and they win the game, they have to give half of the million dollars to the runner up. That would make sense to me. We shall see.

Anyways heres a quick rundown. The posts will be coming fast and furious once the season gets underway like usual. I will post the summary along with my WORLD FAMOUS viewpoints about what happened on the show. Than the next day I will post the additonal scenes info and more opinions. Polls will be put up. Articles writte on other things that pop into my head. You know the drill. So stay active. Keep checking for more posts. And POST BACK TO ME!!!!! I love hearing what you all have to say. OH and yeah I will be doing SURVIVOR RADIO once again as it got a nice response the two shows I did. SO get ready for another great season and be sure to stick with me all the way through once again. Peace.

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