Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Survivor Episode 3 Preview

All right so we are only two weeks in but already I think its fair to say that this is a good cast that Mark Burnett and company have put together for this year. No doubt last week's explosive tribal council with the youngins tribe gave the show a massive dose of adrenaline. So as we close in on tomorrow's episode lets see where we area at and try and figure out who is likely to get the boot in each respective tribe.

LeFlor Tribe: The LeFlor tribe I think set a record for how quick it took them to fall apart at the seams. Last week insanely tense tribal council has set the stage for some more fireworks and it seems battle lines have been drawn. Kelly B and Fabio were in a pact with Shannon and stuck with him whereas Alina, Benry, and Chase jumped ship to Brenda and her alliance with NaOnka and Sash. So based on the result of last week's vote, it would make sense to think that Kelly B and Fabio are the lowest on the totem pole. Kelly B does have an ace in the hole however as she and Alina both posses the clues to where the hidden immunity idol is located. I am sure Kelly B is going to be looking hard for it this week in order to stave off elimination. Now as far as Sash and his all minority alliance with NaOnka and Brenda, they have a chance to do some damage in the game as Chase is basically being used and told what to do by Brenda and thus can serve as the strength of the group until he is not needed anymore. Alina and Benry meanwhile seem like they would do whatever they have to do in order to stay in the game. After all they turned their back on Shannon without batting an eye.

Ultimately I think this team could spiral out of control due to all of the hard feelings and anger that they are feeling for each other. We all saw how destructive a non-unified tribe can be as evidenced by what happened in S19 Samoa where Russell Hantz and his Fantastic Four overcame a 4 person deficit in man power to make it all the way together. This could happen again here but they also have the physical ability to win this week based on youthful energy in the challenge.

Meanwhile over at the Espada tribe. everyone seems to be getting long well with the exception of Holly and Dan and rightfully so. Anyone who takes someone else's shoes and ruins them no doubt earns the wrath of that individual. The CBS secret scenes however showed Marty talking about the threat that Jimmy Johnson is and based on the coming attractions, it looks like he is trying to get people together to oust him. Jimmy T is not a Jimmy J fan so you know he will be down with it along with Dan who is seemingly close with Marty. No doubt Marty is pulling the strings in this tribe and now that he has the hidden idol, he is that much more dangerous. In other words its not looking good for Mr. Johnson. Holly SHOULD goi since no one likes her but she really is not a threat to anyone and is not taken seriously. However if she engages in more bizarre behavior, she no doubt will secure her ouster.

So if I were a betting man I would say Kelly B is the most likely to get booted this week if the young people lose and Jimmy Johnson or Holly if they older tribe loses. Should be good as always and I will bring you all the blow by blow analysis.

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