Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes I just cant stop tonight. I got to tape my laptop shut by one other thing popped inot my overloaded mind.

-I thought it was interesting when Shannon was challenging Sash over how much bootie he got and how he said something like you wish or you think so in retort to Sash saying he got more tail than Shannon could ever think of getting. Shannon said that he got married at 19 and has stayed married for 11 years. So that means he had to have gone all Wilt Chamberlain or Hugh Hefner before he met the Mrs. at the ripe old age of 19. Unless of course there were extracurricular activities going on. I'm just sayin'. I am sure Mrs. Shannon had a quizzicle look on her face when she heard that line tonight. Way to go Shannon. Now stick that foot right back in your fat idiotic mouth of yours. Good riddance to you. Please dont write.

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