Thursday, September 23, 2010


Unlike Survivor Samoa and Survivor Heroes VS Villains, it appears that no boot list has been leaked onto the Internet for Survivor Nicaragua. Although this is a no spoilers site, I was fully aware that there were boot lists out there of which I refused to look at so as not to ruin the seasons for me. This time around I have been told by others that no such list exists this time which to me is a great thing for Survivor. There is nothing dumber in my mind that to spoil an entire season of a show such as this. Whats the fun in that and why watch if you know the results?

Be that as it may, the common denominator in all of this is the fact that Russell Hantz appeared in the only two seasons in Survivor history where the ENTIRE lists of boots in the correct order were released. Coincidence? Of course not. The hit rumor was that Melanie Hantz was the spoiler which was never proved but the fact nothing has come out about this season and the fact stuff is already leaking about S22 Rob VS. Russell is telling. If you know spoilers remember dont post them here.

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  1. Actually I do have the bootlist and if you keep up with things around the internet you would already know this. I just chose to release info week by week this time instead of an entire list upfront. SOOOOOOO, Is Russell on this season??? You said it yourself, NO. So if I still have the info, think you can just stop making false accusations like this?