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Everything gets going with the two tribes already seemingly divided with a mix of older and younger players. The hint in the opening narration by Probst said "they think they are already divided into two tribes" when you and I both know whats to come. They are not allowed to speak as they walk through the jungle and opinions are forming already about looks, dress, and such. The tribes meet on the beach and they are asked by Probst about first impressions and such. He than informs them that there is whats called a medallion of power that will give the person who finds it a distinct advantage to their tribes. Soon they are off in a million different directions looking for the medallion. After a quick search, "young" Brenda find the medallion up a tree and claims it for her tribe. Once the medallion is brought back to the beach, Probst than informs the castaways that the tribes are not in fact set. Probst than orders those whoever is 40 or older to go to one side and those 30 or younger to go to the other side. A lot of guffaws and surprised looks are exchanged and than the big question is posed by Probst to Brenda in the form of this: either keep the medallion for an advantage at the immunity challenge or give it to the other tribe for flint used to make fire and fishing gear. While the youngins are debating, former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson and the other oldies are hoping they get the flint and fishing gear as they express the importance of those items around camp. And after a decent debate by the youngins, it was decided to give it to the oldies. And the game begins as each team heads out to their beach.

So we first see the oldies at their news beach as the men are expressing shock that Jimmy Johnson is on their tribe. Marty specifically cant believe it. We than see the first alliance made as Holly and Wendy get together and express trust in each other. Wendy cpnfesses that her husband believes she will be out first anda one of the men tries to engage her in talk and says to himself she is weird. Fire is soon started at the oldies camp as Jane gets it started as she confesses she is widowed.

We than move to the young tribe as we see surfer dude Jud step on a leech of some sort as Shannon calls him a dumb blonde in a confessional. He soon earns the name Fabio from the others. Yeah he is annoying. We than see the alpha males Shannon and Chase get together as we have a Boston Rob/Russell Hantz reference.

Next we see Kelly at camp discussing the elephant in the room....meaning her amputated leg. She pulls the team together and shows them her prosthetic. The tribe takes it well and Shannon once again gives his thought on the matter as he thinks she will get sympathy votes due to her disability.

We are than shown the older tribe at night as good old ball coach Jimmy Johnson is dry heaving at a high pitch for all the tribe to hear. There is concern from the other tribe members as night turns into day. The next morning Johnson confesses that he threw up all night and didnt sleep as he talked about how terrible the night was.

Back at LeFlor camp we see flirtation between Brenda and Chase as the latter forms his second such alliance. Brenda hints however that she is using him and doing what she can to get ahead. Meanwhile the first hidden immunity idol clue is found by Kelly and Alina of which they said they will share. Alina expresses her view that she doesnt want to associate with her for the same reason Shannon gave.

Soon we are at day three at Espada camp as tree mail arrives. Jimmy Johnson decides that the time is right for a pep talk and he confesses that he knows a jury wont give him a million bucks but he does say he will do what he can to help someone else win it. The rest of the tribe seems into the speech and the gauntlet is laid down as he claims they will kick butt in colorful language.

Soon the two tribes head out to the immunity challenge as the LeFlor group comes in doing some kind of tribal chant. The Espada tribe looks unamused. Probst quickly tells the tribe about the challenge and explains that the medallion give the Espada's a big advantage if they decide to use it. The oldies decide to keep it however and forget the advanatage. The challenge begins and both tribes must construct gutters that will carry water down into a bucket which will drop a bunch of puzzle pieces. The LeFlor get their pieces to drop first but Espada is right behind. The women are in charge of the puzzle on each tribe and soon the youngins get it complete. Immunity goes to the LeFlor and Espada will go to tribal council.

Back at the Espada camp, the decision quickly comes down to Jimmy Johnson or Wendy Jo for elimination. Jimmy goes for a walk with Holly and spells out why she should go. Wendy tries discussing this info with a few of the others but now one wants to reveal who they think should go. As the head to tribal council, it seems it could go either way.

Once at TC, Wendy Jo produces a truly crinze-worthy moment when she interrupts Probst and goes on a long rant about why she should stay and why she would be an asset. Clearly the others were uncomfortable in hearing this and quickly decided to vote her out by unanimous count. Wendy Jo throws her vote on Eve and Jimmy gets to see a few more days at least.

With that out of the way, let's get to my all-important views:

-First things first.....the concept of yourg vs old is interesting and adds a different element to keep the game fresh.
-I was disapointed to not see more of a reaction from the others regarding Jimmy being in the game. I thought there would be some starry eyed moments here but it was pretty much muted on both sides.
-I can already tell you that the one person that will serve the Russell Hantz role this year....i.e. the one that is going to be a jerk and who I want to see his/her ass voted out of the game...is Shannon. This guy is such a pretty boy with a tactless attitude. His notion that he wanted to vote out Kelly B because of her disability was something that was better left unsaid. He just gives off the aura of the idiot jock from high school that used to make fun of everybody. Yeah he has to go.
-As far as Kelly B is concerned, I think its great that she is giving this a shot. Dont ever let anything hold you back. She is also very likable and she is on my short list of those I would already like to see win.
-Jimmy T is going to be fun to watch. The aggravated speech he gave to Marty was funny and the look on Marty's face was even funnier. This guy is going to steal many scenes this season.
-As I was watching I kept thinking that this was the ugliest bunch of castaways ever. In my humble opinion there is only one truly HOT chick and thats Alina. Sorry Brenda doesnt do it for me. Neither does Jane ;).
-The mafia guy (I am too tired to go look up his name) is pretty buff for his age. By the way Jimmy Johnson is not the only millionaire. This guy lives in Watermill, Long Island which is one of the most exclusive areas of the Northeast.
-I really thought Jimmy was going to be the first one voted out due to the fact he talked so much the first episode. Thats usual a sure sign that you are going home first. Luckily Wendy Jo talked her way out of the game, It would have been disastrous for CBS if Johnson went out first. His presense is way too big for him to have had been voted out first.
-As far as Wendy Jo is concerned, what insane asylum did they kidnap this quack from? Wow what a werido. That was incredibly uncomfortable tv viewing when she spoke. She was totally a sacrificial lamb. Couldnt CBS have gotten anyone better? They had to know she would go out first with that type of personality.
-Unfortunately for Jimmy I think the dye has been cast and he is marked. I am hoping thats not the case but its looking like a very uphill battle for him here.
-Judsen....AKA Fabio...has no chance in this game. My pet hamster is smarter than she is. And he has no respect from the other guys on the tribe. From the looks of things, it also looks like he gets into conflict with NaOnka. He has two weeks tops left in the game.
-Also judging by the coming attractions and how Probst talks about how one question opened up a big can of whoopass.....this leads me to believe the youngins lost the immunity challenge. I cant see the oldies having that type of start to their TC and have that kind of conflict. So yes that means Jimmy stays another week.
-So far I am rooting for Kelly B, Jimmy J, Chase because he seems like a decent guy, and Jane. I felt for Jane when she informed that he husband had died and that she could use the money to pay off her farm. Hope she gets there and beats Jimmy and Kelly in the finale.
-Thats all I got for now. Check back for more tomorrow as always. Post your thoughts and reponses below. Lets get a dialogue going.

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