Monday, September 13, 2010


I came across this blurb by somoene who claims they stumbled onto the Survivor 22 set in Nicaragua that supposedly is the Rob VS Russell season. Here is what he had to say:

"I just finished up my vacation in Nicaragua, I a casual fan of the show was obviously on the lookout. Part of my vacation I was in a town San Juan Del Sur near where they are filming it. I asked locals about it, they were all very excited and I even spoke to a man who helped build the tribal council platform. He couldn't tell me anything but told me they (The Producers) are very generous people. I was with my wife we were going to picnic at Statue Of Christ Viewpoint, it was supposed to be beutiful overlooking the scenery of Nicaragua. Well after taking a $40 taxi ride up there, I didnt get to picnic but was blown away by what I saw. I was greeted by 5 security guards telling me they were filming and they would not let me pass. I told them and so did my taxi driver this is a public area and they have no right to refuse entrance to me or my wife. Keep in mind these werent security guards for the place they were part of the cast and crew im assuming. They were extremely rude. It left me wondering though what they were filming and then it clicked in my head it must be survivor. My taxi driver was extremely annoyed at how rude they were and took us through another route not many people know. We drove up another way, had to walk 2 miles through a cave but what I saw was all worth it. When I got there, my suspicions were confirmed. I saw 2 young woman and 2 men. Both men were sporting survivor bandanas and were horribly dressed and the woman both had on the survivor sports bra and such. I had a 10 second glance before 2 even bigger aseholes came and before I could take a picture they told me leave now or they will physically remove me and followed me 2 miles out to the taxi. They do not higher very nice people on the show. But what I am saying is one of the men I saw was Russell from S19 and S20. The other man was a very in shape, very tall Asian man, looked about early 20s. I am 6.2 and this man looked like I was up to his neck (I was very far away though so who knows). The 2 young woman both attractive. One was very short looked about 5.1 and was brunette, early 20s. Other was a redhead also early 20s. I know these descriptions dont really help lol. But as previosuly stated Russell appears to be in this season. If any of you guys have any questions shoot away. But I said basically everything i observed."

Interesting stuff. I have said all along that Rob VS Russell is going on and according to the author, it was three days before DAY 24 in the S22 calendar so this right right after a merge when Russell and Rob are supposed to get to you automatically. I honestly wish CBS would just come out and confirm this alredy so we can stop the guessing.

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