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Survivor Nicaragua Episode 2: Shannon The Homophobe!

You know the drill: wrapup first and than the all-important world-renowned opinions ;).

Things start at the older tribe with Holly talking about how she feels she is on the outs. She wants to fix her strategy and in her words show the others she can kick their ass on Survivor. That next morning the men talk about how they are not sleeping and that the shelter needs work. They have a meeting about what to do and Jimmy Johnson gives out the assignments. Jimmy T and Tyrone have a difference in opinion about what to do at that time and the former admits he is getting annoyed. Marty admits he is letting Jimmy do all the talking so the target is on him.

We than see the youngin wake up as Sash and NaOnka start talking on the beach and he admits to her that he wants to bring as many minorities as he can further into the game. Hence he targets Brenda for a possible alliance with NaOnka. NaOnka than continues on her hating toward Kelly B regarding her prosthetic and claims if he costs them a challenge she will vote them out.

Back at the older tribe we see Jill eating snails and Holly finds it ridiculous that she would do this. Holly than storms off and calls her and Jimmy T stupid as she dumped the pot of snails. The tribe than convenes and talks about what she just did and Dan spoke up saying she was crazy as SH*T. Holly overhears this and proceeds to taks his shoes and fills them with sand. She than takes the shoes and places them in the water. Wow.

Back at Espada Dan goes looking for the shoes and claims they were 1,600 bucks. Holly than talks about how the game may not be for her and she decides to come clean about what she had done. She confronts Dan and admits everything. He has a great response by saying your lucky your not a guy.

At LeFlor, we see NaOnka looking for her socks which have gone missing and she goes on a witchhunt. She than goes and takes another pair that she found which was Fabio's. The tribe tells him whast up and he than confronts her which causes a huge argument between the two as NaOnka flips out.

Holly and Jimmy begin talking back at Espada and she again refers to how she doesnt think she can do the game anymore. She begins to cry and Jimym brings out his coachspeak to get her to stay back in the game. She seems to be receptive to this and decides to forge ahead as the immunity challenge beckons.

Probst begins to explain the challenge where one person of each tribe races through mud and looks for a ball in a haystack. Once four balls are found, 3 other tribe members use wodden shields to bounce the balls from player to player until it goes into a bucket. First tribe to get all the balls in the bucket wins immunity and also a tarp or fishing gear. Their choice. The older tribe also plays the medallion of power which gives them a one ball head start in the challenge.

Jimmy gets the older tribe off to a slim lead but Jane slows them up. The younger tribe continues to cut into the lead and Holly allows them to pull ahead as she cant find the ball. The young tribe continues their run as they but the older tribe eventually pulls ahead as Benry starts missing at the end of the line for the youngins. Finally the Espada tribe gets the last ball to go in and they win immunity.

Back at camp the Espada tribe basks in their glory. Jimmy Johnson is still concerned about Holly keeping a good frame of mind. They open up the fishing gear and a clue is revealed for the hidden immunity idol. They all begin to start looking for the idol and Jill thinks she figures it out. She tells Marty and Dan and eventually Marty and Jill find it when Dan leaves.

Back at the young tribe the talk begins on who to boot. Alina and Kelly B talk about getting rid of Brenda due to her closeness to Chase. The men however have other planas as they want to boot NaOnka. They than soon think about Brenda as the rest of the tribe figures out she is playing Chase. Shannon takes the initiative here and he is set on booting her. Chase realizes he is caught in the middle and seems hesitant about voting her out. Shannon wants his alliance with Chase to continue so he thinks this is the best way to go about it. Brenda however has other ideas as she tries to convince Chase to go with her and her alliance. Those are the battle lines as tribal council commences.

In probably the most explosive tribal council ever for being so early in the game, Shannon begins the fun by laying into Chase in front of everyone and calls him a liar and claims he will be voted out next if he sticks with his girlfriend. It soon gets very heated when Sash objects to Shannon's outburst which causes Shannon to ask him if he is g*y. Sash retorts that he gets more girls in NY than Shannon ever gets and that comment is met with a "there are more g*ys in New York" comment from Shannon. Ugly indeed. When all was said and done Shannon shockingly was sent home and the LeFlor tribe was exposed as a dysfunctional, infighting tribe.

All right glad thast out of the way so I can get the views. Lots to talk about here.

-First of all I dont want to toot my own horn but I had Shannon correctly pegged from the beginning. He came across as a pompous ass and he confirmed my thoughts throughout his short time in the game. The "are you g*y" comment to Sash was incredibly disgusting and uncalled for and it exposed him as a bigot for all the world to see. I am sure his wife is real proud of him and what a wonderful example he set for his children. Unbelievable. If I were Sash I would have slugged him right than and there. Loved the retort by Sash and the fact that he didnt back down. For all you sports fans out there, Shannon's diatribe flashed me back to the famous John Rocker attack on New York when he played with the Atlanta Braves. What a loser and a piece of garbage. So glad to see him go.
-Now as far as the game is concerned, I think the LeFlor tribe was stupid to vote Shannon out. They needed his strength and I can honestly say that if I was given 10 guesses about who I thought would be voted out first from the tribe, Shannon would be the last person I would guess. Crazy stuff.
-Chase by the way is gutless and totally fell for Brenda's looks. He has no chance to win this game. He doesnt have the mind for the game and he totally let Brenda take advantage of him there.
-Now let me get to NaOnka. This girl is one mean and crazy bitch. Her attacks on Kelly B are totally uncalled for and border on discriminatory. At one point she referred to her as not being "100 percent in body." Are you kidding me with that comment? She later says that she doesnt like her flat out. What is not to like first of all? She seems like a really sweet, loyal person. Secondly NaOnka should be proud of her and not look at her for her disability which is exactly what she is doing. This is the kind of talk that is so disappointing to hear in the year 2010. The fact she has no leg should have no baring on the game and she certainly should not be called a sympathy case. Also her rant about the socks was downright crazy. She has some major anger issues and the best part of it is that she is a physical education teacher. Nice example she is setting for the children at her school. If one of her kids has a disability in her class does NaOnka pull him or her aside and call them a sympathy case and not allow them to play? I hope the school she works at is watching. Finally her attacks on Fabio are so stupid. He is totally harmless and he means well. There is no reason to hate him which were the words she used. She has to go soon.
-I dont know why but I am starting to like Fabio. He really is funny and was actually the voice of reason at tribal council. Still he has no chance to win.
-BTW you could see how disgusted Probst was for the gay comment that Shannon made.
-In all of the years of watching Survivor, I have never seen a tribe break apart right off the bat the way LeFlor did. This totally showed that the immaturity takes over when so many young people are put together in a difficult circumstance like this. They are going to be buried if they keep this up.
-Watch out for Benry. I think he has a shot to go all the way. No reason why but he is looking like the Brett of Samoa to me. Quiet and unassuming in the beginning with little to no face time and than a factor later on. Remember this comment.
-Alina is hot.
-Brenda is ugly. What is Chase looking at?
-Sash saying that all the minorities have to stick together and the rest of that speech elicited a crinch all across America at once. And whereever else the show is shown.
-Purple Kelly....where is she? Is she in the game? Oh yeah I saw her for .5 seconds in the second segment I believe.
-Now to the oldies. Lets begin with Nutty Holly. I guess when the producers freed Wendy from the insane asylym to come on the show, they stopped by and freed Holly two doors down also. What the heck was up with her? Snails set her off that much? Every season there is always one weepy, I Want To Go Home And Be With My Mommy contestant. There should be a new rule put in place. Anyone who cries about whether they think they cant do this anymore should automatically be sent home. What she did to Dan was downright stupid. Did she think she would be able to curry favor with anyone by doing that? And than to make matters worse she admits it in front of everyone. Game Set Match. Get the priest and read the last rites please.
-As far as Dan was concerned, he showed good restraint by not going off on her. Smart move as that wouldnt have done anything but make him look like a hothead which never plays well. The look on his face was priceless though as you could tell he just wanted to knock her on her ass. He seems like a pretty cool dude and someone you wouldnt want to mess with. The shoes confirm what I was saying all along about how rich he is.
-Jimmy T is annoying me.
-Tyrone seems to have a negative aura about him. I think we are in store for a big Tyrone explosion at some point along with Jimmy T.
-Love the fact Jimmy Johnson is still around and he acquitted himself quite well in the challenge. Way to go coach.
-I will say this now after only two weeks: the medallion of power ranks right up there in dumb Survivor ideas along with bringing Lil and Burton back into the game in Survivor Pearl Islands. The concept is very flawed and the advantage it gives to the holder is huge and really impacts the challenge too much. Basically whoever plays it is going to win every challenge so we will have this annoying alternate tribal councils each week. Hate it. Hope to never see it again.
-I do like the fact they are trying to make it more challenging to find the hidden immunity idols. Thank you Russell. Your still an asshole but at least this part of the game has been shored up some. On that front, I think it was so dumb of Jill to let Marty in on the location. Now Marty has it and I wouldnt trust him or anyone else to share it. BTW how do you share one idol? Yeah you can give me that crap about planning together who to vote out but the fact of the matter is that only one person can play it and the fact Marty has it in his hands is huge in his favor. Bad move by her. She seems like a solid player outside of that slip however.
-Go Jane.

Wow my fingers are hurting. Lots of typing. Going to get ice for them now. Enjoy. Be sure to come back for more. Leave feedback. Ciao.

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  1. "I will say this now after only two weeks: the medallion of power ranks right up there in dumb Survivor ideas along with bringing Lil and Burton back into the game in Survivor Pearl Islands. The concept is very flawed and the advantage it gives to the holder is huge and really impact the challenge too much. Basically whoever plays it is going to win every challenge so we will have this annoying alternate tribal councils each week. Hate it. Hope to never see it again."

    i get what your saying but i understand why they put it into the game, they had to guarantee the old people would win at least one challenge. Imagine survivor palau, but instead of stephanie and bobby jon's team, you have a bunch of over 40 people and some cocky immature kids whooping them every episode = not good tv! they had to do it, and i wonder if the "advantage" that the young people get will be mysteriously not as significant as the older tribe got