Thursday, August 19, 2010


It was one of the most memorable fight scenes in Survivor history and it has stood the test of the time all the way back to the shows second installment in Australia. The battle pitted fitness buff Alicia Callaway versus animal rights champion Kimmi Kappenburg and it was both humorous and downright silly. First the backstory to the confrontation:

Early on in the first few days in the Outback, Kappenburg became "friendly" and close to a group of chickens that her tribe had won at a reward challenge. Talking and feeding them from the day they acquired them, Kappenburg exclaimed in a confessional that she is a vegetarian and doesnt believe in harming animals, especially for food. So when it was time for lunch or dinner and one had to meet its destiny, Kimmi would make a theatrical exit in front of everyone while pointing out her views to her annoyed mates. One day it all came to a head when the fiery Callaway called her out on it and the argument was on.

Now what made this fight great was not what was said but with the classic finger wagging and head twirling that Callaway threw at Kappenburg. Vintage stuff anad that scene alone made both Kappenburg and Callaway memorable players in Survivor history.

AS far as Kappenburg herself, she wound up being the fifth person voted out of the game and the second from her tribe. Her annoying accent and obnoxious cackling at night combined with her ineffectiveness in challenges doomed her fate. Now as far as what has gone on since than, here is teh scoop:

After Survivor Kappenburg wound up getting married in August 2004. Weeks before the wedding however, she was involved in a serious car accident that required hospitalization and almost put the wedding on hold. She also dabbled in television with guest sports on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Howard Stern radio show, and a recurring bit on the David Letterman Show. She currently works still as a bartender on Long Island New York and also a freelance production assistant for tv commercials.

Analysis: Yeah not the most impressive Survivor contestant but surely that scene was a classic and what she will always be remembered for. I do remember how annoying she was but she did step up big time in the eating immunity challenge in episode 2 of that season. She was totally overmatched however for the show and she really deserved to go when she did.

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