Monday, August 9, 2010


Survivor host Jeff Probst did a recent interview in response to circulating rumors about upcoming All Star type seasons being in the works, highlighted by the Russell VS Boston Rob potential showdown. While not coming out directly and saying yes it will happen, Probst answers left a lot of hints on the table that this is in fact still going to occur. For instance when asked about the rumored Russell VS Rob battle being a part of S22, Probst answered, “I would love it. I would love to see Rob and Russell go head-to-head or represent different tribes, something like that,” Probst said. “Yeah, because it is a matchup that you want to see, ‘cause in a weird way Rob is suddenly the hero [now] and Russell’s the villain. In what world does that make sense?

Probst also gave an interesting answer when he responded to an inquiry about having too many All Star seasons by saying, “Heroes vs. Villains was great. But you do have to space those out, and you have to have the stars to pull it off. So I don’t know that we can do it every season, but I think what’s happening is we’ve been on long enough that we now have over 300 people to chose from. But it is fun to bring back people occasionally as a little bit of a spice. Maybe you don’t do the whole season but maybe you bring a few back or maybe you do one tribe like we did with Fans vs. Favorites. So yeah, we’re open to all those ideas.”

Notice how he said "maybe you bring a few back or maybe you do one tribe." A few back? As in Rob VS Russell??? Exactly right.

Analysis: I continue to check in with my sources close to the show and I am still told that this is still happening. This line of discussion has never veered away from it so bank on it happening. You all know I love this idea as we may finally see the idiot get his ass voted out.

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