Monday, August 9, 2010


A new twist to Survivor will be introdued this season as Mark Burnett and company try to level the playing field when the OLD goes against the Young in this seasons edition of the hit show. Specifically speaking, joining the immunity idol will now be a Medallion of Power which will be used to give the tribe that possesses it a specific advantage going into the challenge. If the tribe that has the medallion deciced to play it, it than goes to the other tribe at the end of the challenge. The Medallion will be up for grabs in the first challenge during the first episode.

Analysis: Interesting concept although I got to see how much of an advantage it gives the tribe that holds it before I give my judgement. Clearly something needed to be done here with the Old VS Young concept since any physical challenge will obviously favor the young bucks. One great thing about Survivor is that they always seem to come up with a new concept to keep the show from turning stale. Nice work.

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