Sunday, August 8, 2010


Reality show kindpin Mark Burnett is at it again and this time there are some whispers that maybe he has gone bonkers with his new ideas. Specifically speaking, the cable tv channel Investigative Discovery has signed Burnett to a deal for him to develop two new talent reality shows profiling people behind bars. One of the shows will be called Talent Behind Bars while the other will be called Dancing Behind Bars. Inmates will take part in these copycats from America's Got Talent and Dancing With tThe Stars which has caused some negative reaction from the press. Never one to be denied, Burnett claims everything is moving ahead with the shows launching sometime soon.

Analysis: What next huh????? Burnett is a television genius for sure but these ideas make me cringe. However people will be talking about it and the curiosity factor will get them tuning in. The one question I have is: what do the winners get? A shorter prison sentence. Relief from toilet cleaning duties???? Ahhh good to see our tax dollars at work.

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  1. I would love to see a survival show where two people on a island divided in two one on each side with some kind of place in the middle that they can call it quites last one let wins no foot water maybe junk left on island that can be use to survive but for them to find and use no help and i would love to be first on the show when you start filming ha ha!!!!!!