Saturday, August 14, 2010


One player you will never see on Survivor again is three time veteran and two time finalist Amanda Kimmel. Kimmel, who just recently competed on the Heroes VS Villains edition where she got voted out for the first time, said in a recent interview that she will never go on Survivor again. In Amanda's view, "The game has changed and I dont like the diction its going. The new era of play that Russell Hantz has brought to Survivor has ruined it for me. I dont want any part of it." Amanda did go on to say that she loved her Survivor experience and will treasure the memories she has from it.

Analysis: Amanda Kimmel is certainly not a player that anyone is going to miss in my opinion. Although she was a good enough player to make it to two final Tribal Councils, Amanda was more of a coatail rider in her China and Micronesia seasons. She never made that one big move to make the game her own and this was proven in Heroes VS Villains when she gave the idol clue back to Danielle after she briefly impressed me by stealing it from her. All in all she was nice to look at but not a memorable player.


  1. Diagree. I am a die-hard Survivor fan- seen every episode and own every season on DVD. I'm no patsy when it comes to Survivor- I love this game and have been waiting for a chance to play it since it premiered when I was nine.

    Amanda is one of my favorite players, and I think, one of the best of all time. She made it to the end TWICE- the first ever to do so, and now one of only four ever to accomplish this. That alone speaks for itself. She also performs well in challenges, is an aggressive and strategic player who always keeps her head in the game and one of the most superior social players to ever grace the screen. She makes big moves, is not afraid to play hard and she knows how to do well in the game. Plus, she's likable. I think she is one of the most genuine players I've ever seen, and well deserving of a spot on the Hero tribe in season 20.

    All in all, I think three times is enough, but I'm sad to see her turning in her Survivor buff for good. I'll miss her.

    By the way, I love your blog. Thanks for all the stories and updates. I haven't had a chance to submit an application for Survivor yet (I just turned 19 in May) but plan to audition for the next few seasons, and hopefully will dazzle Mark Burnett and Co. and get on the show in the in the coming years. Until then, I'll be following both the show and you're blog, faithfully.


  2. hey man thanks for the nice words....I appreciate it! sorry took so long to get back to you but I respect your argument. Just have never been a fan of hers outside of her looks ;).