Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As I reported here many months ago, Survivor Heroes VS Villains contestants Sugar Kiper and JT Thomas did in fact have a one night sexual romance that was confirmed by both parties after the show ended. What was also learned recently however is that this encounter took place BEFORE H VS V and Sugar claimed that JT promised to stick with her during the competition. Well we all know they didnt stick together as JT was one of the 9 Heroes who put her name down and made her the first person booted from the game. Talk about being dumped!!!

Analysis: Yet another story about planning taking place befor the game began. There are still the rumors about Parvati being brough out to Samoa to meet with Russell before H VS V but this gives new meaning to getting to know each other before the game took place. And sure you can say that many of the players in that edition had previous relationships over the years and even played with each other which is fine but these two were on their seasons not long before the H VS V series so its not likely there were any previous contacts established. Even though she was only there for three days, there was never any interaction shown between the two that would lead one to think there was something going on. And the fact that she went for Colby on the first night showed why Ms. Kiper might have gotten the name "Sugar."

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