Thursday, August 12, 2010


By far the most talked about Survivor contestant in the upcoming Nicaragua series that begins in September is 67 year old former Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins head coach adn current Fox Sports analyst Jimmy Johnson. Being the second oldest contestant in Survivor history behind the ageles Rudy Boesch certainly increases the difficulty level for Johnson but in a recent interview he did with The Miami Herald, the former coach had to deal with awkwardness right off the bat as his fellow castaways didnt believe it was in fact him.

“You’re a look-alike,’’ they said. “Jimmy Johnson would never do this,” they said.
“Why would a guy like that be here?” they said.

Well he was there in the flesh and although he couldnt reveal any results or specific happenings of his experience, Johnson admitted he did this for the experience and not the money. “When I was a kid, I dreamed of actually living on the Amazon. Just in the wild. In nature. I dreamed of stuff like we did (on ‘Survivor’).”

Johnson has always been a huge fan of the fan and had applied for the past seven years, with one time making the final cut before he was let go due to a blockage discovered in one of his arteries. So after some medical work to get him back in good health, Johnson finally got through. And like many of the other contestants this season who have admitted as much, Johnson preacticed dilligently at home such Survivor tasks like making a fire from scratch and building a shelter.

Overall Johnson claims the experience was "great" but also "hell." For starters, “We could hardly even get any drinking water to boil because of the parasites and such,’’ he said. “You’re thirsty, dehydrated.”

No doubt Jimmy Johnson will be the most watched contestant right off the bat and it will be intersting to see his interaction with the other players and to see if his coaching habits come into play. Either way Johnson should be applauded for deiciding to do something unconventional and to put himself out there as a famous media person.

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