Friday, August 6, 2010


Whenever I put up a poll for all of you to vote on and express your opinion on a Survivor matter, most of the time I am not surprised by the results. With that being said, I am definately surprised so far by the poll results when I asked all of you about who you would vote for if and when Boston Rob and Russell Hantz face in possibly in Survivor 22. Here was how the voting has broken down so far:

Boston Rob: 14 votes
Russell Hantz: 12 votes

I have to admit that I thought Rob would get at least two third of this vote but its beck-and neck. Very surprising indeed as it is fair to say that Russell Hantz is the most despised player in Survivor history. When you also factor in how Rob reinvented himself into the good guy during H VS V, this becomes even more eye-opening. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that I believe despite the hate people gave for Russell, they do respect his game. I can understand that. I also believe that Rob is still hated a great deal from the All Star season where he went all Russell Hantz on everybody.

Either way, I still thought this poll would be more in Rob's favor. My question to the Russell voters is this: what was the reason for the vote??? What was the reason you didnt vote for Rob?

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