Saturday, August 14, 2010


Want to know what some of the rules are that all Survivor contestants must obey in writing before they appear on the show? Well yours truly has come across some of these rules and regulations that must be followed or else expulsion from the show could result. I have been told that the actual documents all players must read and give their John Hancock on are 9 pages long. Some of the more interesting tidbits are the following:

•details about consolation prizes, which aren’t guaranteed.
•details about voting and being on the jury, and staying at Ponderosa and/or the travel location (where non-jury members go) post-season.
•a rule about what is considered private property (only the luxury item and clothes brought to the location, which have to be pre-approved), and a clause that says “criminal damage” is grounds for expulsion.
•a disclosure about the lack of privacy, and the fact that contestants may be filmed even when they don’t know they’re being filmed, even while naked.
•the consequences of disobeying rules about plants and wildlife.
•consequences of disobeying producers or refusing to vote, among other things.
•insistence that contestants obey US law, and a clause that says they may help prosecutors if contestants violate US law.
•a rule that says producers can change the rules any time, including mid-challenge.

Interesting stuff for sure. I was always wondering what would happen if a few tribe members started to do the deed. Would they just film it like perverts? I also find it interesting that players are not supposed to abuse plants and wildlife but yet a bunch of trees and vines are cut down to build the shelters. And how about all the trees that need to be cut for the challenges that are in the jungle??? I wonder if the need a permit for such actions. Anyways I thought you would all find it interesting.

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