Thursday, August 12, 2010


Quesitons are being asked about the potential conflict of interest of one of the Survivor Nicaragua contestants as it was revealed that Holly Hoffman, who was chosen and competed on the just completed S21, has a son who works for a CBS affiliate. Survivor rules clearly state that a Survivor contestant may not have any ties or a family members that have any ties to CBS or its affiliates. Hoffman's son confirmed when reached that yes he is a reporter for a CBS news affiliate but co-anchor Angela Kennecke came to his defense when she claims that he was hired AFTER Hoffman was selected for the show.

Survivor producer Mark Burnett has made no comment on the matter

Analysis: There always seems to be a controversy or another when it comes to Survivor but to me this is a whole to do about nothing. I will take the explanation that Hoffman's son was hired after she was selected and even if he wasnt, I would find it hard to believe that Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst would allow their hit show to be called into question because they helped a fellow CBS staffer's mom do well. I am not buying it.

What do you all think? Conflict of interest or nothing to worry about? Post below.

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